Three Weeks to Dragon*Con!

So it is three weeks to Dragon*Con, yay, and I’m remember how last year I was deep into my 50 Day Countdown to Dragon*Con.  This time last year I was posting about HBO’s Game of Thrones.  I was hoping that my reminiscence would turn up something not Game of Thrones related, as I sure do talk about George R.R. Martin a lot (sorry guys), but, alas, that’s what was happening in my mind this time last year.

So since this time last year I was all thinking about A Song of Ice and Fire I guess now is as good a time as any to discuss how I have a Melisandre costume in the works.  Melisandre doesn’t appear until book 2, A Clash of Kings, and she’ll be played in season two of A Game of Thrones by Clarice van Houten who, according to IMDB, is a Dutch actress who was in Valkyrie and Black Book and some other non-English things that may or may not also be about World War II and the Holocaust.

Since Melisandre has not popped up on HBO yet that gave me a bit of freedom with her costume.  The basic look is Medieval, duh, but also red red red everything red.  Red hair, red dress, necklace with a big red stone, even red eyes.  So I have a red wig (yeah) and I ordered these red contacts (my other ones come tomorrow yay!) and am picking up my red dress and other accessories from Nancy of Hemlock Emporium tomorrow.  It should all be pretty red.  I mean rad.

So this is the original A Clash of Kings cover and I actually painted the “red lady” part of it back when I used to paint and long before I had ever heard of A Song of Ice and Fire.  So I guess this is a fate thing, huh?  The “red lady” is, of course, Melisandre, and as far as I know that is the most “sanctioned” image of her.  I’m not going to be doing that exact look, mine will be more along the line of the many fan art renditions you can see on Google Image.  But hey, since HBO hasn’t costumed her yet, I’m free to be the way I want to be, yeah?

Anyways, I’m pretty excited.  Three weeks!

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