More Criticism Regarding The Help

So to continue my blog’s jarring juxtaposition of entirely unrelated posts (racial tensions one day, high-end dining the next, I mean, there’s a reason this thing is called The Dilettantista), I bring to you a statement from the actor Wendell Pierce, who is on HBO’s Treme.  He tweeted:  “The movie The Help was painful to watch.  This passive segregation lite was hurtful.”  He took his mother, who was once herself “the help,” to see the film and wrote in another tweet:  “[I was] watching the film in UptownNewOrleans to the sniffles of elderly white people while my 80year old mother was seething.”   You can read the rest of the statement here.

Oh and in case you forgot, here are my thoughts on The Help.

Bitch, please.



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