Deputy, or, my friend Chris’ musical project that is pretty great.

My friend Chris Hillman plays drums in a great band called Morningbell.  They are based in Gainesville but tour semi-frequently and their music is groovy, which I like being able to say, because don’t you hate it when you have to go see a friend’s band/film/art exhibit and it is legitimately bad? but you have to pretend it is good?   Well, Morningbell is legitimately good.   But this post is not about Morningbell.  This post is about Deputy.

Deputy is Chris’ sleaze-rock semi-conceptual totally awesome side project.

Deputy features Chris as his alter ego Truck Thunders.  He sings song such as “I Call My Baby Pussycat” and “You Gon’ Miss Me When I’m Gone Blues.”  These are good, rocksy, folksy, snarly, sexy songs with a great sense of pastiche and humor.

You can read more about Truck Thunders and his musical philosophy in this here interview, right here.

Deputy has a new EP out.  You can and should download it, because it is free.  It is called Need a Lift, which is great because all the songs have titles that references cars, and also the album will, you know, cheer you up (yay clever!)  And you can also get the first album, Filthy Stinkers, for $5.00.  Seriously, do it!  Everybody needs a little good old fashioned sexy rock and roll in their life!

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