Blind Mag Version 2.0 Makeup and Wig Test

So tonight (which is Saturday, just in case you didn’t notice) because I am a total baller with a ton of funds, no weight at all to lose, and a really active social life, I decided to stay in and do a test run of my wig and my makeup for my Blind Mag costume.  I’m re-wearing the clothing from last year so I didn’t feel a need to do a full run, but I wanted to test the makeup with the new contacts.

So that’s me, pre-makeup, looking so fresh so clean (so fresh and so clean clean).

And that’s me after!  With wig and makeup and AMAZING CONTACTS.

Amazing contacts!  Oh and false eyelashes also.

I might try to do a bit more red around the rims of the black eye makeup.  The Blind Mag character is supposed to have fake eyes and so a bit of scarring around the eye area.  I also might go a little easier on the super pale concealer, as it looked a little cakey.  I love the false eyelashes with the contacts, but the contacts give me unbelievable tunnel vision and with the false eyelashes and all the eye makeup it is a lot of stimulus for my eyes.  But beauty is pain, as they say.

Seriously, I think it looks pretty great!  I can’t wait to re-wear the whole costume.   I prefer to wear it with the hood up, so it should be a fantastic effect.  I still want to do a bit of restyling on the wig also, but that can wait until Con.  A few hair clips should do the trick.

This one is so that you can see the difference between my normal eye color and the contacts.  Love it!

Anyways, that’s my Dragon*Con sneak peek!  I’m waiting for my other set of contacts to arrive so that I can do the Melisandre makeup test run.  T-Minus EXCITEMENT Y’ALL.

5 thoughts on “Blind Mag Version 2.0 Makeup and Wig Test

  1. My Lord! Annah, you’re right! AMAZING!!! Touching on Irish goth! Is there such a thing? Need to see more.

    Add shirtless, beefy, hunks to background and take pictures.

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