Day: August 24, 2011

Lampreys, Vegans, and Other Natural Disasters

So, how about that earthquake yesterday?  That was pretty interesting wasn’t it?  I figured if I posted about it yesterday I’d just be one of a million people on the internet posting about it (like this, and this and of course this), but if I posted about it today I’d be like, a solo voice or something.

I guess the thing I do now is tell you about where I was when the earthquake hit?  Well, I was at work, which is the home of the artist I am doing some personal assistant stuff for, and we were eating lunch.   She lives in a big three story house set on a hill and she has many shelves filled with glassware and pictures and pottery.  As we were eating lunch said shelves started rattling.  And then the house started rattling.  And I said “Beverly, is your dryer malfunctioning?” and she said “No, Lindsay, I’m not doing any laundry” so we both looked at each other with panic.   Her four Persian cats, with whom I am obsessed mind you, started running about and it was all scary and alarming for about 30 seconds.  Afterwards I claimed that it had to be construction, North Carolina doesn’t get earthquakes.  Beverly turned on the tv and lo and behold, I was wrong, EARTHQUAKE.  I think the cats got over it much more quickly than we did because pretty soon they looked like this.

Over it.

Anyways I soon got back to work but I couldn’t help checking Facebook and Twitter every few minutes because I just love it when the entire nation joins together over the social network to snark on a particular topic.  It makes me feel like a true American, y’all.

So I hope that y’all have recovered from the earthquake because I’m here to tell you about another national disaster, basically the scariest one I can think of.  LAMPREYS Y’ALL.