When Worlds Collide: John de Lancie on My Little Pony

Dragon*Con only strengthened my obsession with bronies because, man there were so many people in My Little Pony costumes running about!  I guess I need to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, stat.

Anyways, io9 is reporting that John de Lancie, who played Q on various Star Trek series, is going to do some voice work on the show.

They even have some video clips, good times!

Evidently John de Lancie’s character is a “godlike” being who can “make things happen” which, you know, sounds like Q.  This is doubly amusing because Garrett Wang told a story before the Miss Star Trek Universe Pageant about “the Power of de Lancie.”  John de Lancie can also, evidently, make things happen.  For instance, stages collapse when he departs.  And if you invoke his name, positive forces will flow through your life.  Maybe I should start invoking the Power of de Lancie in my job search.

The man himself.


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