Day: September 18, 2011


I know I went poof for a few more days, but I have some good excuses for it.

Firstly, isn’t this weather great?  I love the fall, everything seems crisper and brighter and better.  And sure it has been a little rainy these past few days, but who cares?  Fall, guys, fall.

Jon’s birthday was last week.  I got him this cake from Whole Paycheck Foods.

I also got him the Carnivorous Plant kit about which I wrote.  I’ll update on that later this week.  Unfortunately we won’t see any actual growth for a few months, so the first few updates will probably just be pictures of dirt.  Life takes time y’all.

On Friday Jon and I volunteered to help out our friend Heather Gordon at the Golden Belt Third Friday Artist Demo Night.  A number of the artists in the studios were doing fifteen-minute demonstrations of their work throughout the night and Heather, who was organizing the demos, needed some extra hands to help out.  Jon got off easy, he just had to film a few videos.  Me?  I had to wear a sandwich board:

So stylish.