Day: September 25, 2011

SEO and Blog Improvement Musings

I have been doing some research on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ever since Otaku Journalist wrote about why SEO is vital for nerd bloggers such as myself.  It got me thinking about hiring an SEO professional to do some clean up on my blog.  Unfortunately since I am unemployed, such spendy tactics will have to wait.  I have some mega-changes I want to make to this baby but, you know, need some funds first!

So then EPBOT (the  personal blog of the force behind Cake Wrecks) posted a link to the article SEO for Non-dicks on Matt Legend Gemell’s site and I was all “Oh I should totally read that.”  Some of his advice is fairly obvious (use specific and relevant titles for your posts) some less so (use specific language when linking to other sources, I will absolutely make sure to do so now!) but the read is definitely worthwhile if you are interested in SEO without jerking around the system or cheating Google.  Since I consider myself a pretty ethical person, I think I’ll stick to some of the suggestions made by the article.

So looking at how people get to me: I’m getting a lot of “brony” searches nowadays, a lot of “Mrs. Lovett” from my Dragon*Con 2010 costume, and a lot of Warhammer 40K hits.  I’m a general nerd blog so that’s good.  Does this mean that I won’t post on local restaurants or happening?  No, I’ll still post about those.  But I’m going to endeavor to keep my contact as nerd-friendly as possible (foodiness is a kind of nerdiness guys!) and I might try to shift my local reporting to more nerd-centric events.

Regardless, I’m rethinking ways to keep this blog fresh and interesting, and I’m hoping that y’all enjoy reading it!