Bull City Burger and Brewery

On Friday Jon and I finally got to Bull City Burger and Brewery. We went with Tammi and Scott.

This is a burgers, hot dogs, and fries place in downtown Durham.  All the ingredients are local and all the food is made in house.  You know, all that locavore stuff.

We arrived at 6:30, right before the 7:00 rush.  The place quickly became packed.  The set up his very beerhall: long tables that you share, and you really have to vulture to find a spot.  But, you know, worth it.

They do beer, but I don’t drink beer.  Jon tried their seasonal harvest flavor and said it was quite good.  I’ll take his word for it.

One of their more interesting features in an enomatic: and automated wine dispenser machine.  Tammi decided to give it a try.  You buy a card, place some money on it, and take said card to the enomatic.  You insert the card, pick your wine and voila: wine for you.

So that was good.

I was more into the Boylan soda fountain.  Their diet cola is really good!  I filled many a mason jar.

We all got burgers.  I got one with carmelized onions and gruyere.  Jon and Scott had a special burger that had lamb and tzatziki on it.  Tammi had a bacon and blue cheese burger.  They were all good: juicy, fresh, etc. etc.

We got two kinds of fries: their duck fat and their regular “dirty” fries.  The duck fat were good but I wish the fries were larger.  The dirty were also very delicious.  They know how to do their fried carbs.

I think I still like Only Burger for my burgers, simply because the Breakfast Burger is so amazing, but if I want a “special occasion” burger in a slightly more urban chic atmosphere then I’ll head downtown to Bull City Burger and Brewery.  A good burger indeed.

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