Month: September 2011

Friday at Dragon*Con 2011, Blood and Chrome

Friday at Dragon*Con is always exciting because everything feels fresh and new and full of possibility and your feet don’t hurt yet and it is great.  We slept in a bit because there weren’t any early panels we were dying to see and so were able to get right into costume and venture into the world as fully formed cosplayers!  Jon attempted his first zombie look, including latex and stage blood, and I garbed myself in a Blind Mag costume that left me 100% satisfied and happy.  Our first panel was in the Sheraton, where we were staying, so we were able to rush downstairs and walk right into a session about The Guild (GUYYYYSS NEIL GAIMAN WAS ON IT THIS WEEK WHAT), with the actors Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen and Wil Wheaton.  Actually I meant to say Wil Wheaton!!!!!!! WESLEY CRUSHER GUYS COME ON.   Anyways, if you don’t watch The Guild you really should, I wrote about it awhile ago.

So the panel was fun and Wil Wheaton is awesome but I was really distracted by this one and a half year old adorable girl dressed as a Nyan Cat.  This is what a Nyan Cat is:

(Ungh, I just spent ten minutes watching all the Nyan Cat video varieties, like the Russian one with his little Vodka bottle, and the smooth jazz one, guys, the internet, seriously).

And this is the adorable child dressed as a Nyan Cat:

Is that not top five most adorable things ever?  It was difficult for me to get a non-blurry shot because, as her mother said, she’s like the Nyan Cat, she never stops moving!

So after The Guild panel we went to the trusty Peachtree Food Court to get some lunch.  And we were stopped lots of times for photographs y’all!  How awesome is that.  You can view one of my favorite ones here.  Seriously, how awesome do we look?  Oh, this photograph also happened:


What One Does the Thursday Night Before Dragon*Con

So in my last post I outlined the necessity of arriving at Dragon*Con early so you can get your badge.  If you are lucky, as I was this year, you will hit the badge line when the newly-minted, computerized badge-distribution system is up and running and you will get your badge in an hour.  This is awesome.  Just to be clear, in the past the badge distribution system was lame and not computerized, leading some people to wait 4+ hours in line to pick up their badges, which is absurd if you think about all the nerds with GIANT TECHNICAL POWERS floating around the convention.

The winding snake, normally it is super slow, but this year it moved and moved and moved!
Getting my badge y'all!

Anyways, we got our badges quickly, which left enough time for delicious carbo-loading with pizza and socializing with friends who want nothing to do with Dragon*Con (which, what? why?), which then left me plenty of time to get back to the convention hotels and meet some new friends.


Antico Pizza Napoletana, or, What to Eat the Night Before Dragon*Con

If you are wise and able, you should arrive in Atlanta the Thursday before Dragon*Con officially starts.  That was you can get your badge* if you have pre-registered (or purchase it on-site if you have not), upack, settle into your hotel room and explore the host hotels to figure out where things are. And, if you are really lucky, you can take a quick drive over to the Georgia Tech area and indulge in some of my favorite pizza in America, the Neapolitan style pies at Antico Pizza Napoletana.

We were introduced to Antico by one of Jon’s friends that lives in Atlanta.  You order at the counter, snag a table in the front area or in the kitchen, and about five minutes later a blisteringly hot, freshly-prepared Neapolitan pizza is dropped down in front of you.  You are not given any plates, just an endless supply of paper towels, and if you want beer or wine you bring it yourself.

This is first rate pizza, guys.  I’d easily put it alongside Keste and Motorino up in New York City.  The major difference is that Antico’s pies are larger and meant to be shared; they are also sliced, which is not the case with Keste and Motorino.  Years of reading food blogs have made me a total snob about Neapolitan style pizza: high-end ingredients, minimal toppings, not too much cheese, tons of char on the crust and underside, a little soggy on the interior, a stellar crust.  Antico fulfills all of these requirements.


Dragon*Con 2011, it was great and I’m alive!

I promise not to fall off the blog world after Dragon*Con like I usually do!  I will give y’all really detailed updates of everything that went down and will also post some of the nearly 500 photographs I took at the convention.  I am happy to report that my two costumes, Blind Mag from Repo! The Genetic Opera and Melisandre from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire turned out fantastically!

As usual I ran around like a maniac and, even better, I met a ton of new people and maybe even made some friends, including a few lovely ladies from my Action Figures group!  I attended a planned photoshoot for the Game of Thrones costumes and a small, impromptu photoshoot for Repo! The Genetic Opera.  I had a lot of people stop me in both my costumes for photographs, and tons of people complimented my Blind Mag makeup–I guess I should listen to Pensive Pumpkin and do a video tutorial!  I even had one girl stop me for a hug when I was in my Blind Mag costume, which blew my mind.   Jon did some amazing zombie costuming.  We attended some parties and some panels.  Fun was had, alcohol was imbibed, etc.

Here are a few pictures to tide you over.  If you want even more for the time being you can check out my small Flickr Album.   A lot of the Flickr pictures are for the ThinkGeek Photo Scavenger Hunt, hence why they all seem so scattered!  The rest of the photgraphs are on Facebook but I’ll post the highlights here over the next week or so.   In the meantime:

Oh, and if you want a more official reporting on Dragon*Con check out CNN.  Their GeekOut blog has some really great little articles on Dragon*Con and some of the panels!