Happy Halloween Month!

Friends, it should not surprise you to learn that my favorite month of the year is October, nor should it surprise you to learn that my favorite holiday is Halloween.  See following obvious facts:

Propensity for dressing up in spare time.
Ownership of adorable black cat.
Compulsive desire to decorate house head to toe and host a baller Halloween party.

With all this presented evidence it should also not surprise you that for the entirety of the month of October, this blog will be Halloween central.  I was inspired partly by my Dragon*Con Countdown from summer 2010 and partly by Pensive’s Halloweeny and lovely blog (evidently being a Countdown to Halloween Blogger is a thing?  I guess I need to get on that!) I have a tentative weekly schedule planned, just to give these blog festivities a theme.  Please forgive the alliteration, I know it isn’t right but sometimes I just cannot help myself:

Morbid Martha (Stewart) Mondays: Presenting amazing Halloween crafts by Martha Stewart, some of which I have done, some of which I hope to do this year.

Terribly Tasty Tuesdays:  Halloween food ideas, or maybe just cute pictures of other people’s Halloween goodies.

Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: Wednesday will be a wildcard day.  Maybe I’ll write about the history of Halloween.  Maybe I’ll tell stories of some of my favorite past Halloweens.  Maybe I’ll just post a bunch of videos of pets in costume.  I don’t know, but I figured I should give myself a freebie.

Thrilling Thursdays:  This will be entertainment and media day.  I’ll write about some of my favorite scary and/or Halloween themed films, books, and other media.  And since haunted houses fall into the realm of “theater” in my opinion I’ll also try to post some information about some local ones, if you’re into that.

Freaky Fridays:  Costume ideas for humans and animals, and although I might show some pictures of cats in costume please do not mistake this as my backing the idea of cats wearing clothing.  Cats are dignified creatures and should never be forced to wear clothing, unless it is for my vicarious photographic pleasure.

Saturdays and Sundays:  I haven’t exactly planned the weekends yet because I don’t always post on weekends.  If anyone has any ideas let me know.  Otherwise these will be my “these posts don’t really fit into the Halloween theme but I want to tell you about my life anyways” days.  So, you know, if you aren’t into me as a person you can skip it.

So hopefully I can stick to this schedule and hopefully you like it.  If there is anything I have left out or anything you would like me to add please please please let me know!  I want to make this the happiest Halloween blog ever and that will take some help from you!

Oh and one more thing, I’m considering really playing with the idea of a “dilettante” and maybe reconfiguring the themes of this blog a bit.  Of course it will still be delightfully nerdy, but I’m hoping to have some input from you.  So if there is anything you are interested in, or anything about which you want me to write, please let me know.  I will elaborate on this in a later post but I just wanted to get the wheels rolling!

Happy Halloween Month everyone!  30 days until the blessed event!

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween Month!

  1. yea! I always wanted to start a cult, and here I thought having followers on twitter was the best I would do. ; ) Your posts seem much better organized than mine will be. I do enjoy keeping people on their toes.

    Oh, yeah- and your black cat seems much nicer than mine. Thomas Aquinas has left both myself and Hubby scarred for life. Evil little furry man…

    Can’t wait! So excited for Halloween!!!

    1. Halloween’s the best, so there should be an official set of Halloween bloggers! I decided the best way to limit my insanity was to pick a theme for each day, but i’m sure I’ll deviate.

      My little black kitty is a bitey kitty as well but he doesn’t bite hard. I guess that’s why we love kitties, it is so hard to earn their approval.

      29 days!

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