Day: October 3, 2011

Morbid Martha Stewart Mondays: Easy Crafts

Martha Stewart is, of course, the queen of Halloween. Starting in September I spend hours on the Halloween section of her website, looking at party ideas and craft ideas and food ideas and generally getting pretty excited and pretty overwhelmed.

I’m going to start the Martha ball rolling with some easy Halloween crafts, some of which I’ve done myself, some of which I want to do.  The key word here, again, is easy:

Black Cat Silhouettes

This one is super easy!  I made tons of these last year.  All you need to black construction paper, a white pencil, some scissors, and some double-sided tape.  Of course now that I have a real black kitty they will probably have less of an effect.  I saved most of them and so plan to put them up all over the place, although I’ll have to set them out of reach of Dexter.