Freaky Fridays: Random Edition is Random

This is going to be a bit of a random post about some costumes I ran into on the internet this week because I am preparing to join my family for Yom Kippur, which kicks off tonight.  I will not be posting tomorrow because I will be busy fasting and repenting from 9:00am-8:00pm in synagogue.  None of that is an exaggeration.

My first internet costume discovery happened yesterday, and it involves the Olsen twins.  I know.  So the Olsen twins got dressed up in iconic nerd gear for a video they are filming for their site, StyleMint.  As you can imagine, their takes on Catwoman, Batman, and Darth Vader are a little less old school and a little more urban chic, or whatever.  I got these photos courtesy of NYMagazine’s Vulture and they, in turn, got their photos courtesy of Just Jared.

So thanks, Just Jared, for sharing these with us.  Really, they didn’t do much did they?  They just put masks and/or helmets on over their black and leathery clothes.  I’m not sure which is which but I always remember Ashley as being more demure, so I’m going to guess that she’s the one in the skirt with the INCREDIBLE shoes (love the shoes!).  Also, is it just me, or do the lightsaber handles look like coffee cups?  I guess the Olsen twins would have lightsabers for coffee cups, obviously.

My second internet find is, alas, devoid of pictures.  It does, however, come from The Hairpin, which is, you know, good.  This little article chronicles some of the best Halloween costumes witnessed by Hairpin contributors and oh, it is wonderful:

“He was a dude dressed up like a regular juicebox wearing sunglasses, and he had a velvet rope, complete with the metal stand thing (where did he get one?) and a clipboard. The best part was that he never broke character and he was such a jerk and kept stationing himself in busy places like in front of the bathroom door.”

And that’s just one of the costumes!  There’s a ceiling fan too, which reminds me of the Biggest Fan I saw at Dragon*Con:

The Biggest Fan!

Oh my, I just love clever costumes.  What are some of the craziest, cleverest, funniest and hopefully not sluttiest costumes you have ever seen?  Are you tired of the sexy nurse/vampire/taxi/trash can costumes that are popping up everywhere?  Like these sexy Sesame Street costumes from Costume Craze?

Sigh.  I personally thought that Manila Luzon did it much better:

MacArthur Park is indeed melting. Image from
Manila's Cookie Monster outfit from the first episode of DragU. Picture from

Drag queens do it better y’all!

Anyways, leave your crazy, clever, costume sightings (or maybe ones you wore yourselves!) and stories in the comments.  I’ll look forward to reading them after I have fasted and repented this weekend!

2 thoughts on “Freaky Fridays: Random Edition is Random

  1. My favorite ever which I keep hoping to copy and yet I don’t have the balls: a statue in the garden of Jack Frost. It was the most amazing costume EVAH! It’s from the party where I was Athena, and I kept stalking her all night to look at her hair. Concrete color and texture, yet it was clearly really hair, and omigod it stood up so nicely and she was sparkly and… *sigh* I shall never be that cool.

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