Morbid Martha Stewart Mondays: An Elegant Halloween

I love Martha’s Halloween ideas because they are so out of the ordinary.  She has some incredibly elegant, beautifully creepy Halloween decoration ideas.  A lot of the items I inherited from my parents’ cache of Halloween decorations are more cutesy-creepy than elegant creepy, but each Halloween I try to add a few more elegant-creepy elements to my Halloween decoration.  Here are some macabre decorating ideas I pulled from her site, many of which you can do with ordinary items in your house:

Moth-eaten curtains provide an excellent and creepy Grey Gardens feel to your Halloween!  I don’t have these but if you had a lot of space and places to hang items then this could be a great and subtle touch to your haunted house.

Martha also does a lot of gorgeous candle displays, which are an easy and classy way to set the mood.  Very Miss Havisham‘s house.

Eerie candlestick display.

Specimin-Jar Candle.  These are so fun and unusual!  I really want to make some creepy specimen displays for my party this year.  I plan on hitting up one of the local thrift stores for some inexpensive glass vessels.

Creepy Candles.  They look like they are bleeding!  Awesome!

I also love that Martha uses flowers on Halloween, which isn’t something that one would ordinarily think to use.  Her floral displays are appropriately creepy and could provide a nice surprise to guests.

Forbidding Flowers are easy enough to make: silk flowers, some cob webs, a creepy urn, fantastic!

Deranged Halloween Centerpiece, this is really fun and awesome.

I hope that I’ve inspired you to use some not so scary items as scary, creepy decorations this Halloween!  Three weeks!

2 thoughts on “Morbid Martha Stewart Mondays: An Elegant Halloween

  1. You would be amazed at the jars you have around your house. Olive oil, liquid soap, and vanilla extract all run out eventually. I keep a stash. ; )

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