Terribly Tasty Tuesdays: Cute Food for a Cute Kitty

This post is inspired by a new addition in my life:

That’s Minion!  He’s my new adorable baby black kitty and Dexter‘s little brother.  He’s tiny, barely three months old, and he’s very squeaky.  He and Dexter aren’t best friends yet but they can chill peacefully in the same space and are extremely interested in each other.  I’m hoping that they become best kitty buddies soon.

Anyways!  Because we have a new critter in the household I figured that today’s foodie post would be about cute food that looks like cutesy and creepy Halloween creatures.

Check out these Spider Cakes from Martha Stewart:

Also from Martha Stewart, this gorgeous cake with a pretty snake on it!

I don’t really like meatloaf, but this Yummy Mummy Meatloaf from Epicurious would probably make me reconsider.

Also from Martha, these really adorable bat and cobweb cookies.

And also Martha (a lot of other food sites don’t do this cute food thing, alas), worms in dirt, which are basically hot dogs and beans.

And one last thing from Martha, this one specifically in honor of my kitties: black cat cupcakes!

I know, this post was full of cute!  I promise I’ll get back to the spooky soon, I just have tiny kitties on my mind nowadays.

3 thoughts on “Terribly Tasty Tuesdays: Cute Food for a Cute Kitty

    1. Yes, I wish we’d taken more of Dexter when he was tiny too, although we got him when he was a little older than Minion, so he was never quite so tiny. The house is an overload of cuteness right now, definitely!

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