Morbid Martha Stewart Mondays: Outdoor Decorations

We’re getting some rain tomorrow, but after that I’ll start putting up my outdoor decorations.  Of course I like to take inspiration from Martha Stewart, although because I live in a townhome as opposed to a free-standing residence I have to tweak the ideas some.

I love putting tombstones in front of my house.  My unit has a little planter that transforms nicely into a spooky graveyard come late October.   I just use use some Styrofoam ones from Target, although if you are feeling really crafty you can use Martha’s template.  I like to use my tin-can jack-o-lanterns to provide a bit of mood lighting.

I also like to add my pumpkins to the scene once they are carved.

Speaking of pumpkins, more is better!  Martha loves using carved and un-carved pumpkins in her display.  Our local Whole Foods is selling three pumpkins for $10.00.  I only got three, but I was tempted to get a few more.  I wouldn’t blame you if you stocked up!

I like to put cobwebs over some of the shrubbery around my doorway, and these creepy spider egg sacs would be a fun, spidery addition if you had an awning in front of your home!

Also, a quick South Park shout out: squash-o-lanterns!  Amazing.

Two weeks everyone!  I hope your preparations are going scarily smoothly!

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