Terribly Tasty Tuesday: Menacing Mains

I like to keep my party guests well fed; I have the Jewish mother gene, what can I say.  My Halloween party spread tends to be more casual and buffet-style than sit down, but I like to provide one hearty main course amid the finger foods to keep my guests satisfied.

Last year I made this fantastic turkey pumpkin chili from SeriousEats.  This is a meal I make regularly because it is so easy and so tasty.  The pumpkin in the recipe ties it nicely into the Halloween theme.  Also if you are looking for something a little healthier this is a great way to do it, comfort food without the guilt! I have some friends who are gluten and dairy free also, and this ensures that everyone can eat the main dish (sorry, vegetarians, there is only so much I can do!)

If you want to stick with the pumpkin theme for your main you cannot do much better than this gorgeous pumpkin soup, served inside a Cinderella pumpkin.  It is one of the featured recipes in Bon Appetit this month.  We’ve decided not to do soup for our main this year, but this would be a fantastic centerpiece to an autumnal dinner party.

Martha Stewart also has a pumpkin soup in a pumpkin bowl–I just love this idea, and want to try it out sometime this fall.

If you want a black and orange theme for your Halloween, check out Serious Eats, they have a few main courses that fit the bill, including a steak and sweet potato dish and a shrimp and black olive dish.

This year I will probably take a page from Martha and make a big, cheesy, baked pasta dish.  I’ve found some that incorporate pumpkin and other fall squash, so I can still get my pumpkin on.  What are your Halloween food plans?  Do you have any other ideas for me?  I haven’t solidified my menu yet, and I’m always looking for ideas!

2 thoughts on “Terribly Tasty Tuesday: Menacing Mains

  1. Why did a black and orange food theme never occur to me? I am digging the idea of black pepper steak and sweet potato fries, since I love the home fries more than the mash. Mmmmmm. Maybe we shall have this for dinner soon.

    Thanks! You should keep doing this terribly tasty tuesday so I don’t need to figure out my own dinner ideas year round!

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