Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: The Blood Moon Festival

On Friday I went to the Blood Moon Festival in Carrboro.  I know, this isn’t a Halloweenspecific activity, but it is an October, harvest-moon specific activity and the term “blood moon” is hilarious.  I wish they’d just called it a harvest moon, because blood moon makes me think of periods (I know, I’m mature) and Jon and I spent most of the evening calling it the “moon blood” festival because every epic fantasy/medieval book uses the term “moon blood” too much.  Like, “her moon blood was upon her” and it is just ridiculous.

So I went to the Carrboro Moon Blood Blood Moon festival, which took place in three areas around Carrboro and had music and performances and food and vendors.  It was, from what I can tell, sponsored by Southern Rail, which is where Jon and I spent most of our evening.  The whole even had a “circus” theme to it.  Circuses can be totally freaky and scary and Halloween-appropriate.  When my parties get bigger and better and more Martha Stewart, and when I have more money with which to fund them, I am totally going to do a haunted circus theme.

Image from moviegoods.com.

Anyways, we went to the festival primarily to see Jon’s friend and coworker Kate, who was performing with an aerial dance troupe (I imagine it is this one).  She was really good!  We only saw her on the fabric (evidently she did trapeze earlier in the evening) but it was really neat to see.  Yay Kate!

There was also a fire thrower, but he kept dropping his stick, so I sort of avoided being in his general vicinity.

Before heading to the circus acts we had dinner at Milltown.  If you aren’t aware, they’re doing their big Oktoberfest promotion this month: lots of cheap Spaten and great German food.  Go check it out before October is over (hey that sort of rhymes!)

Today is a gross and rainy day, tomorrow I hope to put up some more outdoor Halloween decorations!

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