Month: October 2011

Freaky Fridays: Zombies and Sluts! Zombie sluts!

Hi guys!

Firstly, Raleigh’s Zombie Walk is tomorrow and you should totally come!  The zombies will be meeting up by the acorn in Moore Square around 6:30-7:00 and then we’ll start shuffling (everyday we’re shuffling).  Even if you aren’t interested in zombie-ing it up you should come, the people watching should be fantastic!  The after party will be at Tir na Nog.  Be there or be brains!

This week The Hairpin had an excellent costume post on sexy Halloween costumes.  Don’t you hate how girls use Halloween as an excuse to slut and sex it up?  People do that at Dragon*Con too.  I don’t know, maybe it is because I wear Spanx every day and slutty outfits don’t really cover Spanx, but the slutty nurse/policewoman/librarian Halloween look just isn’t for me.  However, if the slutty look is for you–no judgment if it is!  I have a flabby stomach that requires Spanx granny panties so I can’t do that look!–and you are considering ideas other than sexy accountant, then you should totally check out some of these looks from the Hairpin:

Jillian Tamaki for The Hairpin.

See, this I can get behind.  I have a friend this year who is thinking of making a slutty bacon costume.  That’s awesome!  I’d totally eat me some slutty bacon.

I am trying to figure out what “version” of zombie to dress as tomorrow.  Business zombie?  Pajama zombie?  SLUTTY ZOMBIE?  Someone tell me so I can put my clothing together!  And I hope to see y’all tomorrow in Raleigh!

Work of Art, Jerry Saltz’s Recap of Episode 2

Every week Jerry Saltz writes a recap of Work of Art for NYMagazine.  In case you forgot, Mr. Saltz is one of the judges on Work of Art and he is also the senior art critic for NYMagazine.  I enjoy the recaps almost more than I enjoy (or hate-enjoy) the show.  They help explain the reasoning and critiques of the judges and also de-mystify the reality show process.  For instance, the judging committee is told nothing about the contestants.  Everything they learn they learn via the critiques or by watching the television show.

I also love the recaps because of the comments section.  Mr. Saltz (okay, I’ll call him Jerry, because that’s how I talk to him in the comments), takes the time to read all of these comments and often responds to them.  He encourages his readers to talk about and write about and think about art; I love how he wants to make art and art criticism less scary and more popular.  I hope that he succeeds.

Each week I’ll be posting the link to Mr. Jerry’s recaps and I’ll also be quoting a selection from the article.  This week the Yale MFA graduate Kathryn was eliminated, mainly because she had locked herself into an ivory tower.  You can read my thoughts on all of that in my liveblog.

So, here is the link to Jerry’s recap and here is some good stuff from it:

“There are many kinds of artists and numerous definitions of artistic success. We can’t all be, or want to be, a Takashi Murakami. Kathryn is clearly a real artist. Possibly, a very good one. I’m told she’s done photographs for this magazine. She lost last night because as a highly cerebral, narrowly focused art-school-trained artist — Yale MFA; Photography, it turns out — she had no business being on a reality TV show. Here she seemed like some kind of out-of-place orchid, an illogical presence more like Kafka’s Gregor Samsa than someone on a bizarrely twisted, pressure-compressed reality TV grad-school game show about art. It was right to send her home. “

PREACH JERRY PREACH.  I am so glad I never have to hear the phrase “visceral tableau” again!

Thrilling Thursdays: A Buffy Halloween

Y’all know I love Joss Whedon, my Dragon*Con Countdown from 2010 even featured three posts on why Joss Whedon should direct musicals (here is Part I, Part II, and Part III, they offer a persuasive argument I promise).  You didn’t really think we’d get through Halloween Month without a Joss Whedon-centric post, did you?

Joss Whedon, of course, does Halloween quite well.  Three Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes are Halloween-centric, “Halloween” from Season 2, “Fear Itself” from Season 4, and “All the Way” from Season 6.  In the Whedonverse, Halloween is the night that most vampires and demons take off and go underground, as they deem Halloween “cliche,” but of course nothing really ever goes as planned in Sunnydale.

We’ll talk about “All the Way” first because it is the weakest of the bunch.  Season 6 is the season that polarizes the most Buffy fans, because it is full of angst and there isn’t really a unifying Big Bad.  I know that most people would rather see Buffy slay vampires than bills and plumbing problems, but I actually found Season 6 really brutal and quite real.  Also, it has “Once More, With Feeling,” how can you hate on that?! So, you know, I’m in the minority.  However, I am in general agreement with those who think that one of the major problems of Season 6 was Dawn.  This is a pretty Dawn-centric episode, so it isn’t the best.  However, there are some great points–mostly those which take place in the Magic Box, with Anya dressed as an “Angel named Charlie” and Xander as a pirate (guess he knew he’d be needing that patch at some point, huh?)  But overall this is mostly an episode about teenage boys, and how they are all vampires who want to eat you.  You know, I bet Stephanie Meyers saw this episode of Buffy and it inspired the Twilight series.  Curse ye, Steven S. DeKnight, curse ye!

Image from


Work of Art Liveblog, Episode 2: Art Movement

Once again it is Wednesday, and once again it is time for another amazing Work of Art episode and a hopefully amazing Work of Art liveblog.  Just a refresher: last week we met our fourteen contestants, who had names like Sucklord and Jazz-Minh (ungh), and the contestants weathered their first challenge.  The artists took kitsch and attempted to make it art.  Michelle won with her gorgeous totem pole and paper skeleton installation, and Ugo lost with his incredibly boring, incredibly red wall hanging thing.  Farewell Ugo, you were pretty, but boring, just like your piece was.

Farewell, Ugo.

This week it looks like we will be introduced to something called Parkour (ungh).  Also, Lisa Loeb look alike Kathryn will do some really ugly crying!  Excitement!

9:00:  And we’re off!  Everyone is nervous to see who returns from the six contestants who were asked to remain.  And no one seems really upset that Ugo is the one who got eliminated.  However, everyone talks about Ugo like he has just died: “He was a nice guy.”  Of course Sucklord offers: “Nice guys finish last.”  Thanks, Sucklord.  You’re an asshole.

9:01:  And it appears that we are going to see China in that awful red dress that has a HOLE IN IT at the beginning of every episode this season.  Disaster.

9:02:  6:30am wakeup call from Simon, who shouts “wakey wakey.”  Oh, he’s adorable.  He is taking the group on a “journey.”

9:03:  And their destination is…a brick yard, with China standing in the middle, wearing what looks like a poncho that was knit by Big Bird.  Disaster.  And then: SURPRISE!  Lots of athletic dudes start vaulting over the walls.  Oh and a girl too!  They are the members of New York Parkour, and Parkour is some sort of movement thing?  They don’t really explain much, I assume if I want to learn more then I will have to Google “Parkour,” but I’m too lazy to do that now, sorry guys.  Edit 10:06:  Okay, I Googled Parkour.  Here you go guys, Parkour.

9:04:   The task is revealed.  The artists will be split into two teams and will create a piece on “movement.”  Except, every artist is going to create his or her own work, and that all has to mesh into one team work, or something like that.  I foresee egos and disasters.  Excitement.

9:05:  Team one is the “Sucklord” team, and team two is the everyone else team.  China and Simon leave the artists to talk with the Parkour folks and to brainstorm.

9:06:  Michelle wants to do a pooping piece.  Michelle?!  Sucklord is all “WTF does that have to do with motion.”  Evidently Team One is going to do a piece on digestion.  Okay then!  Team 2 is going to do a piece on migration.  Somehow this seems better to me than digestion, but that’s probably just because I am squeamish and don’t really need to know what goes on in other people’s bodies.

9:07:  Um so Jazz-Minh, who is crazy and a B, starts doing flips and such across the yard.  She decides to try to take some photography of herself and another Parkour person doing backflips, because this will somehow work for her artwork.

9:08:  Team Two wanders around New York and goes dumpster diving, in an attempt to find art materials.  Team One walks around New York, takes pictures, get confused, talks about uncertainty, and motion.  I’m sort of bored by this already, guys, and my cat just started eating the Halloween decorations, so this commercial break is well timed!


Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: The Blood Moon Festival

On Friday I went to the Blood Moon Festival in Carrboro.  I know, this isn’t a Halloweenspecific activity, but it is an October, harvest-moon specific activity and the term “blood moon” is hilarious.  I wish they’d just called it a harvest moon, because blood moon makes me think of periods (I know, I’m mature) and Jon and I spent most of the evening calling it the “moon blood” festival because every epic fantasy/medieval book uses the term “moon blood” too much.  Like, “her moon blood was upon her” and it is just ridiculous.

So I went to the Carrboro Moon Blood Blood Moon festival, which took place in three areas around Carrboro and had music and performances and food and vendors.  It was, from what I can tell, sponsored by Southern Rail, which is where Jon and I spent most of our evening.  The whole even had a “circus” theme to it.  Circuses can be totally freaky and scary and Halloween-appropriate.  When my parties get bigger and better and more Martha Stewart, and when I have more money with which to fund them, I am totally going to do a haunted circus theme.

Image from

Anyways, we went to the festival primarily to see Jon’s friend and coworker Kate, who was performing with an aerial dance troupe (I imagine it is this one).  She was really good!  We only saw her on the fabric (evidently she did trapeze earlier in the evening) but it was really neat to see.  Yay Kate!