Day: November 16, 2011

Work of Art Liveblog, Episode 6: Street Dealers

Once again it is Wednesday, and once again it is time for another amazing Work of Art episode and a hopefully amazing Work of Art liveblog.  Just a refresher: last week we only had nine contestants, and there was another challenge!  The contestants went to the New York Times printing factory (which was amazing!) and they had to pick a headline and make a work of art based on said headline.  The art also had to incorporate newspaper.  Young Sun won (again) for his conceptual but ultimately boring piece about Ai Weiwei.  Dusty and, for some absurd reason, terrible Lola were also in the top two.  Sucklord was, once again, in the bottom two, as was Sarah K. who has never before had a critique.  Not a good start, Sarah K.  But ultimately Bayete went home; he botched a great concept (he picked an article about the Sister Act musical blergh!) an was eliminated due to his shoddy, misconstructed gold doors.

Bay bay, Bayete.

This week the artists will be making covert street art.  In DUMBO!  You know Tewz is kicking himself y’all.

9:00:  The girls are all sitting around in the loft, waiting for the winners and the losers to trickle in.  Young is all “YAY I WON” like, twinkly and stuff, he’s so twinkly.  Lola is jealous because young has won the two best prizes.  I hate her.

9:01:  But oh, a moment of sadness, Bayete has left us.  Bay bay Bayete (hee, that will never get old).  Dusty is bummed because he didn’t win.  He definitely needs $20,000 because he’s from Arkansas, and therefore, poor.  Sucklord crosses Bayete’s name off the board.

9:02:  8 artists remain, blah blah, Brooklyn Museum, blah blah. China’s stupid red dress with a HOLE IN IT SDJFLSDJWOERJ blah.  Title sequence, blah.  And we cut to Young Sun giving Sarah K. a massage, cute.  but oh, massage time over, off the artists go.  MYSTERY LOCATION.   The van stops in DUMB, or, under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.  We see Simon, in casual clothes, and China in this weird structural white dress that makes her hips look enormous.

9:03:  WELCOME TO BROOKLYN.  ALL THE WORLD IS A CANVAS Y’ALL.  Simon is all “Street art, blah blah, EXPRESSION, ILLEEEEEGAL.”  I love Simon.  So the artists have to do street art on two walls in DUMBO.  Sucklord is all “Street art is really broad y’all, but I guess this will work.”  The twist to the challenge is that the artists will be working in teams of two.

9:04:  Teams y’all!  Artists don’t work well in teams, this will be great.  To pick the teams the artists have to spray paint colors on China’s white dress.  China looks sort of, fake terrified.  Sara J. and Kymia are paired together.  Dusty and Young Sun are together (that’s a good team!)  Michelle and Lola are a team.  And Sucklord (who spray paints two green nipples on China, hahaha!) is paired with Sarah K.

9:05:  Simon also spray paints China, but he also spray paints her skin which, oops.  Michelle calls Simon “The Sucklord with an Ascot.”  i love it!

9:06:  The winning artist (despite people being in teams, there will be only one winner) gets $30,000.  Damn yo.  Each team gets 44 feet of wall space, and the teams run off to plan.  Sarah K. is excited to be with Sucklord.  She’s an installation artist, and he has knowledge of street art.  Hopefully they will make a great team!

9:07:  Kymia and Sara J. are scared of the wall.  Because it is so big.  That’s what she said!  Dusty talks about his and Young’s differences.  Dusty has a WIFE and KID and is from ARKANSAS and Young Sun is a big gay bird, love him.

9:08:  Michelle is of course talking about dark and debauched thing, Lola just talks about how she used to throw glitter around in the streets when she was a kid.  i mean, I wish I had done that but, alas, I didn’t.  So Lola and Michelle decide to make a giant party scene.

9:09:   Sucklord says: “Lola is hot, but Sarah is a cutey with a booty.”  Aw.  Sucklord, appreciative of all shapes and sizes of ladies.

9:10:  Dusty and Young decide to build some staircases, but they aren’t sure where the staircases will lead.  Young’s just worried because he’s never done street art and it isn’t his thing, and he feels that he and Dusty are not connecting, just working.  Young, despite having won last week, does not have immunity, so he is worried.