First Day of Work Tomorrow!

Hi guys, so I start work tomorrow, that’s exciting right?

It is DECEMBER now, which is crazy!  Do you like my new December-Jewish Holiday-Appropriate background?  Here’s the full image:

That’s exciting right?  I didn’t make it, alas, and I didn’t make this one either, but it is also awesome:

Yaaaay.  I get endless amounts of glee from the fact that Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are nice Jewish boys.  My people, y’all!

I’ve been a bit dead on my blog,  for no good reason.  Now that I am not spending my evenings job hunting I should endeavor to, you know, post some more.  In the meantime this is what I have been doing these past two weeks, in between jobs:

-I cleaned out my closet.  And my dresser.  And my shoes, purses, and jewelry box.  I took five bag-fulls of stuff to Goodwill, y’all.  That was fun.

-Also fun?  Finally getting my damn North Carolina Driver’s License.  I know, I’ve lived here for four years.  It is pathetic.  But it is finally remedied, hooray.

-I went to the dentist!  Minor, but necessary.

-I went to the gym a lot!  This shouldn’t surprise you at all.

-I cleaned my house some, not as much as I should have, but some.  Maybe I’ll clean more today.  Jon and I tend to be clean people, though, so it never gets to a state where it is just terrible.

-I finally played and finished Portal 2.  I didn’t like it as much as Portal (nothing beats the sheer originality and imagination of that game), but I loved the storyline and the vocal additions of J.K. Simmons as Cave Johnson and Stephen Merchant as Wheatley.

Guuuys.  The above picture is the Wheatley keychain/flashlight from   Waaaaaant.

Oh, I also really loved the Space Personality Core.  Loved him.  Spoilers in the video below, alas.

Yaaaay.  Even better?  Now I can start fully brainstorming my GLaDoS costume ideas for Dragon*Con 2012.  YAAAAAY.

-I saw some movies too!  I saw the new Twilight film, which was totally ridiculous and Renesmee is the dumbest name ever.  I watched Rachel McAdams in Morning Glory on Netflix.  That was better than it needed to be.  And I saw The Muppet Movie, which was lovely and made me cry just a tinybit at the end.  Just a teenytinybit.  And last night I saw Tucker and Dale vs. Evil.  You should watch it too.  Just trust me.

-Oh yeah, Thanksgiving happened.  I went with Jon to Charlotte, to celebrate it with his family and to attend his younger sister’s engagement party.  These were fun events, I ate a lot of food.

And of course I kept reading my books and watching Dr. Who and recapping Bravo’s Work of Art, etc.  The last two weeks have been an excellent combination of GETTING THINGS DONE and getting nothing done, which is as it should be when you are about to head into what is hopefully the start of your career.

Tomorrow: back to work!  I hope it is awesome.

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