Happy Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah or however you choose to spell it for one and all! I spent my first night/day of Chanukah making chocolate bark and dealing with someone making fraudulent charges on my debit card yay! (Don’t worry it is all taken care of now). Anyways I hope the days leading up to winter and Christmas and the the other holidays are treating you well! Happy everything to everyone!

Oh also here is a picture of my cats, JUST BECAUSE.


2 thoughts on “Happy Chanukah!

  1. I know they are very devious. The spelling issue is so silly. The “C” is more traditional but most news sources and other folks use Hanukkah (I’m guessing that’s the AP spelling).

    I tried to post on one of your entries the other day to tell you how impressed I was that you keep posting during these most crazy days! For some reason day job + blogging regularly doesn’t seem to work for me? I guess that should be my New Year’s resolution, since I’m doing pretty well on the “work out” and “don’t eat too much crap” resolutions that everyone seems to do…

    …anyways, yay you for posting lots and happy holidays!

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