Happy Birthday to Me, and to All These Other People!

Guys!  It is my birthday!  Isn’t that awesome!  Here are some famous people who also have my birthday:

Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, during the ...

Sharon Stone.  Happy Birthday Sharon!  I’ve never seen Basic instinct, sorry about that!

Wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden,...
Image via Wikipedia

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.  One of Queen Elizabeth II’s sons who will never get to be King.  Sorry dude, but Happy Birthday!

Jon Hamm
Image via Wikipedia

Jon Hamm.  This is amazing.  I don’t get overly crushy-gushy regarding actors, but Jon Hamm would totally make the panties drop.  PS who else is SUPER excited about the return of Mad Men later this month?  Don Draper it has been far too long.  Happy Birthday Jon Hamm!  Thanks for being amazing!

Osama bin Laden.  That is decidedly less amazing than Jon Hamm.  No Happy Birthdays for you.  No picture for you either.

Timbaland.  I like what he did with Missy Elliott.  Happy Birthday to you, and thanks for making me dance.

Shannon Miller.  GUYS, the gymnastics at the Olympics are amazing.  Happy Birthday, Shannon!

And this last one might be the best guys.  No, it is the best:

That man, right there.  Chuck.  Norris.

I did some research on Chuck Norris‘ birthday.  This is what I found out:

When Chuck Norris was born he decided his birthday.

Chuck Norris has a birthday any day he wants.

Everyday is Chuck Norris’ birthday

Chuck Norris doesn’t blow out birthday candles, they surrender their flames willingly.

On his birthday, Chuck Norris randomly selects one lucky child to be thrown into the sun.

Since Chuck Norris and I share a birthday, clearly all these facts are true of me as well.  Happy Birthday to you, Chuck Norris.  Thank you for letting me share your birthday with you.  I am barely worthy.

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