36 Hours in New York City: Museum of Modern Art

So, I have a friend who works in the film archives at MoMA and, bless her, she done got Jon and me free tickets to the museum!  Huzzah, thanks friend!

Check out this crazy sculpture that was in the sculpture garden!

Okay so that happened.  Also, this candy installation by Felix Gonzalez-Torres, you could take the candy, it is always replenished, he was such a nut job y’all (hurrrrrr).

Also this hilarious plaque, which I think was by Barbara Krueger?  I might be wrong. I don’t remember.  SOMEONE CORRECT ME IF THEY KNOW, thanks.

Buuutttt the main reason we went to MoMA was for the Cindy Sherman exhibit.  I’m a fan of Cindy Sherman.  I like how she does everything herself: makeup, sets, costumes, taking the photos, etc.  I like how she demonstrates the transformative power of makeup and wigs and fashion, which I am totally into because MAKEUP AND COSTUMES ARE AMAZING.   I like her sense of humor.  The exhibit is pretty great, I recommend checking it out.  Here are a few images from the show, all taken from MoMA’s website.

I know, I’m not really saying many insightful things about the MoMA, sorry y’all.  Honestly it EXHAUSTS me guys.  The MoMA is always FULL OF PEOPLE who don’t let me look at the art and it is so busy and crowded and stufffffff, but luckily my friend got me free tickets so I could just sort of run in, see what I wanted to see, and flee.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the MoMA, but dude.  Crowds.

Anyways, after braving the crowds at MoMA Jon and I went to a German beerhouse in Midtown and met up with Lizzy and David, some of Jon’s college friends.   We last saw them at their wedding in Charlotte in September (I wrote about it really briefly here, there were fishies in the centerpieces!!!!).  Anyways, I know David but I didn’t really know Lizzy, and it was awesome to talk to her because she is artsy and knows all about what is happening in the city and she is like me and that was fun.  We were all “Heyyyyy if we lived in the same place we’d be friends, but we don’t live in the same place, so that’s sad!”  Oh, the friendships that could have been…

Anyways, here we are, look how happy we look!  Yay friends!

So at this point Jon and I were falling over because it was 3:30 and Jon and I had been up since 3:00am on minimal sleep, so we headed back to the hotel for a quick disco nap before dinner and SLEEP NO MORE which, man guys, I can’t wait to tell you about Sleep No More.

But you’ll have to wait for a future post.  ANTICIPATION!!!

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