43 Days to Dragon*Con: Levar Burton, Part II

In 2010, on 43 Days to Dragon*Con, I wrote this post about Levar Burton.

Last week, io9 posted an article about an interview they did with Levar Burton.  They talked about Star Trek and they talked about Reading Rainbow. but most importantly they talked about Burton’s greatest regret regarding aspects of Geordi La Forge‘s personality that were not explored:

“His sexuality.”

Yes, Burton was pretty bummed that Geordi never really got any.  I don’t blame you, dude!  I mean, even Wesley got some, with that weird shape-shifter lady AND with Ashley freakin’ Judd!  You know your mojo is gone when Wesley Crusher of the Magic Sweater bests you with the ladies.

Geordi La Forge
Don’t take it so hard, Geordi, we all know you’re packing.Geordi La Forge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Speaking of Wesley Crusher, ladies’ man, I assume you have all read Wesley Crusher: Teenager Fuck Machine, right?  No?  You haven’t?!  Well, get on it, bitches.

Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher would like to go where no man has gone before. In bed. Wesley Crusher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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