42 Days to Dragon*Con: I TOLD YOU IT WAS A WIIIIIIIG (also, 400th post!)

First: THIS IS MY 400TH POST Y’ALL.  So that’s worth noting!  400 is a lot of posts, yaaaay me.

Now, onto the countdown!

I bought my wigs this week, y’all.

I’m actually pretty lucky with my natural hair–it is crazy that I am saying this, because in middle school I had such an insane Jew-Fro that my classmates made up a song called “Puff the Magic Lindsay” (set to “Puff the Magic Dragon,” of course) and sang it whenever I walked into a classroom.  They also threw chewed-up blow-pops into my really kinky, unmanageable hair.  Classy kids, right?  Anyways, my hair calmed down after puberty and I finally figured out what to do with it.  My hair is pretty thick but it isn’t uncontrollable, and a good flat iron is my best friend.  I like my natural color, it is sort of a warm, dark brown.    I have a good stylist and a good haircut.  However, none of this works with any of my Dragon*Con costumes, so wigs it is.

I haven’t had the best wig luck in the past–they don’t tend to hold up all that well during the Con.  If anyone has any tips for storage and styling, please let me know!

Anyways, here are my wigs.  I decided to give Cosplay.com a try.  We’ll see how it goes.

So that wig is happening in natural red/copper for Melisandre, and in black for Blind Mag (who I am wearing again, duh, it is the bestest and easiest costume).

That’s the rose wig in one of the colors I am getting.

And that wig is happening in a cool pink for my Weighted Companion Cube costume from Portal that I should probably do some work on, but I was out of town last weekend and my best friend from college is coming this weekend, so that’ll have to wait a bit. I’m excited to wear a pink wig–pink isn’t really one of my “favorite” colors, but the Companion Cube color scheme is silver/gray and pink, and a pink wig is definitely more fun than a gray wig.  Might as well give it a whirl, amirite?

How are your costumes coming along?  Do you have any fun wigs ordered?  Do you avoid wigs whenever you can, or are you a drag queen like me, and convinced of the power of BIG HAIR.

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