32 Days to Dragon*Con: The Hobbit (Trailer)


I assume everyone has seen this trailer:

This trailer gives me chills.  The chills start when Thorin Oakenshield starts singing about the Misty Mountains.  Do you get chills?  I hope so.  I think this movie is going to be fantastic.

When did you discover The Hobbit?  I discovered it way back as a kid, when The Disney Channel would periodically air the incredible 1977 Rankin/Bass animated version of The Hobbit.

Cover of "The Lord of the Rings"
Cover of The Lord of the Rings

This is not to be confused with Ralph Bakshi‘s amazing animated The Lord of the Rings, which happened in 1978.  The animated The Hobbit opened with this gem:

Also the song about Goblin town which is quite possibly my favorite:

And also this song good lord how do I watch this movie again, the best:

And then there was that one time when South Park used the Goblin town song for an episode involving Lemmywinks and I lost my shit.

And also this Lemmiwinks song is basically “The Greatest Adventure” amirite?

Ungh I love South Park and also The Hobbit so much.  I did, of course, read the book at a certain point.  Lord of the Rings too.  I know people who, when the Lord of the Rings movies came out, did not know that they were based on books, which, ungh.  How do people who are not well versed in pop culture survive?  Hashtag: judgment.


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