Month: July 2012

35 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Ego Likeness

So my first reaction to Ego Likeness‘ website was “eeee gothy.”  The group was created by Steven Archer and Donna Lynch, who are married and live in the DC area with two hairless cats, which is awesome.

English: Ego Likeness
English: Ego Likeness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pretty gothy right?  So I said to myself: “I bet they sound like the Crüxshadows.”Lo and behold:

Okay, so maybe not as dancey as the Crüxshadows, but it definitely has the dark, electronica vibe going for it.  Shall we try another?

That’s a little dancier, right?  Also, lady vocals!

Here’s some grainy, shaky footage of their live act:

As is to be expected, they have toured frequently with the Crüxshadows and have played Dragon*Con several times.   They’ve also opened for Voltaire.  They fall squarely into the gothy electronica group of bands at Dragon*Con, which I generally prefer to the folksy Celtic music group of bands at Dragon*Con–even though all the gothy electronica groups sort of blend together for me unless I specifically know them or their music (ie: Crüxshadows).  Still, it is easier for me to dance to the gothy electronica music than the folksy Celtic music–sorry men in kilts.  Just in case you were curious, here is their Dragon*Con website profile.

Talking points:

-Anchored by a married couple

-Opened for the Crüxshadows and Voltaire

-Gothy electronica

Two thumbs up!  More black eyeliner and synth please!

36 Days to Dragon*Con: Dragon*Con Tips, What I Carry in my Purse

If Jewish girls did Girl Scouts, I would have been a Girl Scout, because I am always prepared for everything.  I have trouble leaving the house without a huge bag stuffed with everything I might need for the day.  Wallet, phone, keys, sunglasses, of course.  But also a little makeup bag with a mirror, a comb, lip stuff, business cards (professional and person), sometimes my Kindle, reading glasses, band-aids, hand sanitizer, breath mints, a packet of tissues, a few pens, and some hair ties and hair clips.  Oh and a water bottle and also maybe a granola bar if I’m going to be gone more than a few hours.  Sometimes my camera too.

Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now, all of the above comes with me at Dragon*Con, but other con-specific items join the bag as well.  I found a durable, black, over-the-shoulder canvas bag at Target a few years ago that isn’t too big but still manages to fit everything I need for Con.  No, this bag does not match my costumes.  I don’t care.  I’d rather have my Magic Dragon*Con bag, filled with all the items that keep me going during Dragon*Con.   Here are my Con necessities:

–Everything listed above (except for the reading glasses, because I can survive without them)

–Extras that I add to my little makeup bag vary depending on my costume.  I usually have black eyeliner, the lipstick specific to my costume, and q-tips.  Sometimes I throw in a travel-sized eyeshadow and an eye-and-lip pencil sharpener.

–Eye drops and a contact lens case filled with solution, for the days I am wearing FX contacts for long periods of time.

–Bobby pins and a few extra strips of wig tape, for the wigs.

–Eyelash glue and a pair of extra falsies, just in case my false eyelashes fall off.

–Extra band-aids because, duh.  If I’m smart I’ve also gotten a few of the Band-Aid blister protectors too.

Band-Aid Braille
Band-Aid Braille (Photo credit: BWJones)

–Safety pins

–One time my boyfriend did a costume with spirit gum, and I threw a little thing of spirit gum into my purse, and it actually worked out because we were able to patch some people during the zombie prom, and I really felt like a Girl Scout then.

–Speaking of weird makeup components for my boyfriend’s costumes, I’ve also carried around tiny vials of stage blood.

–Some kind of a snack bar which I usually don’t eat because usually someone I am with is hungover and hasn’t packed a snack and needs one and lo and behold, I HAVE A SNACK AND I AM A SAVIOR.

–At night I usually throw a bunch of glow sticks into my bag and then hand them out to people like some sort of glow stick fairy.  It is an amazing ice breaker and Michael’s usually has bunches on sale for like a dollar.

–An extra camera card and an extra charged camera battery.

–Also somehow I always manage to get the entire newsprint Dragon*Con program stuffed into my bag too.

–Along with my business cards I also carry the business cards of people who have helped me with my costume because I like being a walking advertisement.

–Hand sanitizer (I know I said that above, but, seriously, HAND SANITIZER).

–Refillable water bottle to take advantage of all the free, ice-cold water available in the hotels.  I’m thinking of getting a new one for this year, maybe this water bottle?  Probably in black.

I think that’s it, off the top of my head.  Yes it is a lot but IT ALL FITS and it really isn’t all that heavy and I also feel secure knowing that my amazing Mary Poppins Bag of Magic will take care of any costume emergencies I might have during Dragon*Con.
What do you carry in your bag during Dragon*Con?  Do you even carry a bag?  If you don’t, how on earth do you survive?!?!?  Please let me know.

37 Days to Dragon*Con: Space Bonnet of Awesomeness (A Very Durham Night)

Dragon*Con might only be once a year, but I try to get my weird kicks in whenever I can.  Halloween‘s an obvious choice, but Durham–being its fun, funky self–provides plenty of opportunities to nerd out a bit.  This past weekend my college friend Nora was visiting, and I did my best to show her all the quirks that Durham had to offer.  Luckily the Scrap Exchange, our local non-profit creative re-use center that provides aisle after aisle of stuff that you can turn into crafty fun, was having its annual Scrap a Go-Go benefit at Motorco, and the theme was 60s science fiction and space.  The night promised food trucks, bands, a make and take station, and a silent auction.  Also, costumes were encouraged.  I’m a huge fan of Scrap Exchange (sort of a crafter’s dream, really), and also space, and also food trucks, so to Scrap a Go-Go we went!

None of us really had any costumes, so I just threw on some green eyemakeup and green lipstick and a Star Trek pin and loaned some Star Trek earrings to Nora.  We figured we’d make some space accessories once we got to Motorco.

The Scrap Exchange had set up a number of tables and barrels with tin foil, plastic lab equipments, cut up pool noodles, scissors, tape and many other weird, “spacey” things with which one could make a space accessory.  Nora made a space bonnet of awesomeness, Jon made these rocket shoulder things that at one point ended up on his head.  I just made a head band because I am bad at crafting things like this and also I had green lip stick, so I felt like I was representing.  We spent an inordinate amount of time crafting, because making things is awesome.


38 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profiles, DJ Nemesis and DJ Spider


Okay so I’m lumping the DJs together because I’m guessing they’re going to be playing the raves and I AM OLD (old = 27 apparently) and have never managed to make it to a rave at Dragon*Con.  I like to get up and do the day things and also the night things but that means my night ends around 2:00 or 3:00 am so I can get some sleep for the day things and the raves don’t usually start until 3:00 am-ish depending on how late the band performances run.  Someone please tell me I am not alone in this!  Also, if I am wrong about the DJs playing the raves please let me know as well, I’m just working on assumption here.

DJ Nemesis  is an Atlanta boy who moved to Boston.   DJ Nemesis plays industrial electro, electro house, EBM (which stands for Electronic Body Music and I totally don’t know what that is), mash ups, 80s, and other stuff.  He’s super involved at Dragon*Con and also, according to his Dragon*Con profile, is‘s official DJ?  So that’s fun!  Um, I’m not sure what else to say about a DJ, so here are some clips:

DJ Spider is a LADY, which will help y’all tell her apart.  She’s based in Charlotte.  She’s been voted Charlotte’s Best Party DJ for awhile.  I’m going to guess she’s also playing one of Dragon*Con’s late-night raves.  Here’s her Dragon*Con bio–I like the part where she talks about having a Drama Free zone.  I RESPECT THAT DJ SPIDER.  She plays primarily goth/industrial music with some 80s and electro thrown in.  I’m having trouble finding music clips of her because there is a dude DJ Spider who is more hip hop and he seems to be dominating the DJ Spider youtube search which, lame.

So, we have a male DJ and a female DJ, they’ll probably be playing the raves, they might be playing some other things but I don’t think we’ll know until it is closer to Dragon*Con.  If anyone wants to chime in on the raves and what they are like and if they are fun please do–like I said, they’re past my bedtime, and the only report I have to go on is my boyfriend’s.  He went to a rave his first year of Dragon*Con (before I’d met him) after he and his friends had some drinks with a guy whose name he won’t tell me and he says it was basically dark drunky dance times with glow sticks and he refuses to tell me anything else about it so I guess he had a good time?  Regardless, I totally want to go to a rave this year.  Maybe.  Mostly just to check it off the Dragon*Con bucket list.

So, I’m going to give the DJs one thumb up–splitting the difference between no thumbs (because odds are if I couldn’t see who was DJing I couldn’t tell you who was DJing) and two thumbs because I’d totally like to go to a rave buuuuuuuut tired, guys.  Tired.

Seriously, give me some help on this one!


39 Days to Dragon*Con: The Dark Knight Rises


I saw The Dark Knight Rises this weekend.  Did you?  Did you love it?  I LOVED IT.  I know this is blasphemous, but I actually liked it more than I liked The Avengers.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed The Avengers; it is a fun, clever, and funny movie with a great (and attractive) cast, and also Joss Whedon.  However, I like my superheroes dark.  Pitch black, actually,  My favorite graphic novels are Neil Gaiman‘s Sandman series and Watchmen, and those are pretty dark (see my posts here and here).  I just love Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  I know it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but the dark and brooding and graphic and realistic grittiness of the series really appealed to me, and so many scenes from each film are ingrained in my head.  While this movie wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight, mostly because Bane just isn’t as visceral and ferocious a villain as Heath Ledger‘s (RIP) astonishing Joker, this was an awesome film and you TOTALLY NEED TO GO SEE IT.

So a few very loose comments because I don’t want to spoil anything:  Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are great (particularly Anne Hathway, she’s just the best, and I adore the design on this particular Catwoman costume), and all the returning actors are also excellent in their roles.  Some fantastic French Revolution/Robespierre undertones.  Tom Hardy is a good actor but Bane’s mask allows him to showcase so little, so I feel for him.  Overall SO GOOD.  Have you seen the film yet?  What did you think?

The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Rises (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*I’m going to mention the Aurora shooting because it would be dumb if I didn’t: it is all kinds of levels of terrible.  Batman is supremely anti-gun.  I think we all need to take a hint from Batman. I don’t have any profound words, just that what happened in Aurora was terrible, and that periodically during the movie my thoughts went to the victims and their families, and people can be terrible, and such.