24 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, I: Scintilla


I:Scintilla is a Chicago based band who has played Dragon*Con before, and who fits into the gothy electronica vein of musical performances.  I:Scintilla combines metal-infused electronica with elements of synth pop, trip-hop, and indie electro to create their distinctive sound.  The band is comprised of  frontwoman Brittany Bindrim, Jim Cookas (guitar/programming), Vincent Grech (drums), and Brent Leitner (guitar/programming).  I:Scintilla also has a reputation for having a great live act.

I just want to say: YAY FOR TONS OF FRONTWOMEN AT DRAGON*CON.  Ladies keepin’ it real next to the menfolk, hooray for feminism in music!

Promotional photo from I:Scintilla
Promotional photo from I:Scintilla (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bitch, please.

Anyways, at this point the bands at Dragon*Con fall into a few loose categories: gothy electronica/dance, Steampunky/vintage, and general folksy stuff, maybe with a Celtic flavor.  Maybe I’ll stumble into something different down the line?  We’ll see–in the meantime, here is some music courtesy of I:Scintilla:

Oh lordy, so gothy!  Jon really likes it, of course.  I actually like it too.

Look at all the strobe lights!  I want to break out some glow sticks and twirl them ferociously in front of my face.

That was fun.  In case you can’t tell, my tastes sort of run to gothy, dancy, dark electronica.

Talking points!

–Female lead singer (grrrrrl power!)

–Heavy electronica dancy gothy sound

–Good live show



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