23 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Megan Jean and the KFB


Megan Jean describes herself as a “hard-touring, foot-stompin’, guitar beatin, upright lickin, washboard scratchin,’ banjo pickin’ madness with a voice like the devil herself.”  Her band, Megan Jean and the KFB, is a Charleston-based duo that from their description probably falls into the “Steampunk” music category.  They play gypsy, circus, americana, and the avant-garde style music.   Their Dragon*Con profile offers a nice little summary of their journey: NYC refugees who fled the city to settle in the Southeast, where they are now part of Charleston’s burgeoning music scene (I need to visit Charleston for serious y’all).  At first listen, their music is a little bluesier than some of the other “Steampunk” stuff I’ve heard at Con/during this band profile journey:

That’s the song that’s going to be featured in the PBS documentary in which the band is involved.

Not sure I like that song quite as much as the first one.

Or that one, for that matter–for a bit I thought it was a man singing but then I realized that Megan Jean has a very k.d. lang voice.

Check out the stand-up bass!

So if Dragon*Con were to have a blues band I’d say this would be it.

Talking points:

–NYC refugees, fled to the south.

–Steampunk via the blues.

–Stand up bass!

No thumbs–honestly this band didn’t make much of an impression on me, and in terms of female-fronted Steampunk bands I think I prefer Frenchy and the Punk.


5 thoughts on “23 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Megan Jean and the KFB

  1. why don’t you save your judgements til after the Con? I dare you. Love, and Hate….Megan Jean. You can’t look at music dear, you must experience it. And that’s blues like Steampunk is Goth. Honestly…very snarky.

    1. And saying I sound like a man? Just plain rude. Just wait…you aren’t even ready for what we do. I can tell. I’m not for the faint of heart. But this…this was just a really rude way to judge our music. Shame on yens.

      1. What I meant was that, before I watched the video, I thought the vocalist could have been male. Like I said, it is very kd langesque, but I like her, so there you go. Please see my initial response about the intentions of the Dragon*Con band profiles–again, I don’t wish anyone a bad Con, but it is my right to post my thoughts and opinions and it is your right to disagree with them. Again, I hope you have a really fun and excellent Dragon*Con experience!

    2. Hi Megan! Thanks for reading and thanks for your comments. I never said I was writing a legitimate music criticism blog–I am just a casual listener, and someone suggested that I profile all of the bands at Con so people might know what to expect. In my initial band profile post I made it 100% clear that I am in no way, shape, or form a musical connoisseur, and that my opinions are merely that–opinions. Everyone’s opinions are different and people are entitled to like whatever they like and to dislike whatever they don’t like! Maybe one of my readers saw your band videos on my blog and liked it, and maybe that won you some new fans! You’ll notice that I am not a big fan of other Dragon*Con staples either, such as Marc Gunn. It would be a disservice to my readership, to this blog, and to myself if I didn’t post my honest thoughts. Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great Dragon*Con experience and some good crowds. Again, just because I didn’t find your musical to my personal taste doesn’t mean that other people won’t!

      1. I actually read them all, and they’re really negative. I must say though, those who can’t do-review. I live in a car and play 225 shows a year. I have been doing this a long time, trust me when I say that a lot more than 38 follow my band. I am canceling my google alerts for sure after this, but just so you know, you are slamming a lot of great bands (and amazing people) for personal aesthetic purposes. We will be headlining the Mechanical Masquerade, so I’m sure you will see us. I am actually excited to sell you a cd! That’s how wrong you are about us. It’s actually funny to me…And if you think I sound like a man you are just plain deaf. I can’t say I’m surprised, people who rely on outward appearances to prove their substance to the world rarely grasp our music. Again, you can’t LOOK at music. You have to listen to it. Listen with an open heart and an open mind, and don’t try to intellectualize it. I bet you’ll dance, and feel alive. That’s what we do. I hope you have a good *Con, and that you give some of these bands you are slamming a real honest listen. I doubt you will be as negative. see you then!

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