22 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Little Jen

We’re skipping Lips Down on Dixie because you should already know who they are and what they do, and if you don’t then I don’t want to know you.

…….That long pause that just occurred in my blogging was me researching the Raleigh Rocky Shadowcast WHICH I HAVE NEVER ATTENDED and figuring out when I should go and remedy that.  Okay.

Little Jen is a DJ Y’ALL.  I wanted to keep ALL THE DJS on one spot, this is messing up my organization and giving me some serious bad OCD juju y’all!

Little Jen’s background is SUPER INTERESTING and this is not at all an exaggeration.  She has a Master’s in music composition from Georgia State and has received composition commissions from all sorts of fancy people, including the principle trombonist from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.  She’s a member of the Society of Composers, Inc. (SCI), the American Music Center (AMC) and the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP).  Her DJ career began in 1994, and since then she’s performed up and down the East coast, maintained a busy club schedule, and even performed some multi-media pieces (which sound awesome).  She also does electronica remixes of classical composers (even more awesome!)  Her Dragon*Con profile also says that she’ll even play Donna Summer, which is amazing because I really think that Dragon*Con is lacking a disco component (seriously).

Whyyyy are there no clips of her DJing on Youtube?  She sounds fun!

Talking points:

–Lady DJ


–Electronica remixes of classical composers and DONNA SUMMERS.

Two thumbs up because she sounds fun!  I don’t know what her music sounds like though, so if anyone has any clips please post them in the comments!

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