20 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Pandora Celtica

Pandora Celtica describes itself as (okay, deep breath here),  “a dark faerie Celtic acappella band from the land of dreams and myth. The Queens and Kings of the Fae have ordered the creation of our band that we may be a beacon of magic and high art in the mundane realms, both for the mortals and for you, our fellow Bright Beings, who make your home here.”

Hoo boy.  Okie dokie then.

I think examples like Pandora Celtica are why con-goers and nerds in general can sort of be given the side eye–IT IS SO WEIRD.  I enjoy keeping a foot in many different worlds, and a lot of people don’t even know that I’m a nerd until I open my mouth and start dropping obscure Star Trek references, but some nerds (like the members of Pandora Celtica) seem fine with keeping themselves firmly in nerd-land.  Which is cool, really, but I think the world is vast and varied and so I like the experience all sorts of different things, and I find that if I call myself “only a nerd” then people might put me into a little box.  BOXES ARE LAME.  Maybe I am putting Pandora Celtica into a box, but with a description like that how can you not?  Also, at a certain point I believe that men just need to cut their hair.  Sorry (not sorry).


I know, I haven’t even listened to their music yet.  Truth: that description has already biased me against the band. Aside from the over-earnest fae stuff, the acapella band is just…I can’t.   I stopped liking acapella after I left college (because every college has an acapella group, yeah?)–not a comment on talent, mind you, because there are many talented acapella groups.  Just, again, not my thing.   Like, I’m sure there’s some irony in all of this, it is just hard to see on the internets.  I mean, I hope there is some irony?  Please have some good, healthy, self-aware irony?  Who knows.  Here is their Dragon*Con profile if you are interested.

All right.  Let us listen to some music.  Sigh.

So Ren-Fest.

Oh-so Ren-Fest.

So, that’s them hosting ModernPagan.TV, which I think tells you all you need to know.

Yeah, this just isn’t for me guys.  This is sort of like the Marc Gunn post: I acknowledge what Pandora Celtica does, I respect that other people like it, we are all entitled to our own opinions, and this music just isn’t to my taste: my opinion is “NOPE.

Talking points:


Fairy faerie acapella band.

–So Ren-Fest.  SO REN-FEST.

Two thumbs down.  Beware the sparkly fairy magic.

4 thoughts on “20 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Pandora Celtica

  1. Well ain’t YOU just a little ray of sunshine.

    ‘Couple points here –

    1 – If you decide to write a review of a product/service/musician etc. please do the world a favour and make an ATTEMPT to NOT sound like a whiny 12-year-old-girl. Like, seriously, it makes you sound, like, um, dumb, or something.

    2 – For the love of all that is good in the world, PICK ONE POINT TO BITCH ABOUT! You bounce all over the board here, without going into any sort of substantial detail about any single thing – Please refer to your “talking points” above.

    3 – Before you even addressed any of your “talking points” (which, of course, you didn’t) – you clearly admit to NOT listening to any of their music – which is all great music in its own right.

    3a – kudos to you for at least acknowledging that the music COULD be good, but that you were shortsighted enough to not care about that point prior to writing your “review”

    4 – And likely the most important point of all – A review is, by definition, supposed to be a THOROUGHLY RESEARCHED opinion on the product/service/whatever, that offers as much information as you can muster, PRIOR to you spewing your opinion out to the world. Any putz with a keyboard can yarf out a wall of text slamming this or that, but in order to be taken with any amount of seriousness, you need to actually form an opinion based on the COMPLETE PICTURE, not that the band may fit into a certain niche, or have a style that you detest.

    1. Hi Anders,

      Thanks for your comment! What I said in my first band profile was that I am not a professional reviewer. I’m just a person with a day job and a blog, and I’m just commenting on what I like and don’t like. And Pandora Celtica wasn’t to my liking–one isn’t going to like everything, after all. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time or resources to thoroughly research every band I reviewed–like I said, I have a day job that keeps me pretty busy, and this blog is a night time and weekend hobby. I never intended the reviews to be taken all that seriously, because after all, I’m just one of many folks on the internet spouting off on opinions my personal blog. My goal was to learn about lots of different bands–which I did–and to hopefully introduce people to bands and/or styles that they might not have known about. Maybe someone saw this post and researched Pandora Celtica and said: “Oh, that bitch cray, this band is GREAT.” I hope that they did that, it would seriously make me happy. The world takes all kinds, and even though bands like Pandora Celtica and Marc Gunn aren’t to my taste, I’m glad they exist.

      Lindsay aka The Dilettantista.

  2. Wow! Our first semi-negative review. Well it absolutely could have been worse and I’m sure we’ll get others as we continue on. lol Well let me say that we absolutely appreciate you taking the time to look and listen to our band. Our music certainly isn’t for everyone to be sure but at least you gave us a chance and we can’t ask for more than that!

    One of the coolest things about being a nerd or geek is that there are SO many things out there to get excited about. I love the fact that we can debate the coolness of Star Wars vs. Star Trek or historical re-enactments vs. the pure fantasy of steampunk. It’s what makes who we are special because we love diversity. By the same token, there are those who absolutely love our music and others, like yourself, who prefer Abney Park or Frenchy and the Punk. (Both awesome bands by the way!)

    Again, thank you very much for your review, take care and I hope that you had a blast at DragonCon! We’ll hopefully see you there next year. – Chaz aka ShadowCat, Thief of Sorrows, Prince of Dreams 🙂

    1. Hi Chaz,

      Thanks for the note. And thanks for being so chill about it. I am not a professional music reviewer, nor am I pretending to know anything about music or the music industry–despite 9 years of piano lessons I can barely read music anymore, so I’m not making any claims here. What I stated in my first Dragon*Con Band review was that the reviews would be guided strongly by personal preference, since it is my blog–and not a music criticism blog–and I could write whatever I wanted. Some bands didn’t seem to understand that not everyone is going to like your music, and I thank you for being 100% chill and confident in your response. Not everyone is going to like your music, it wasn’t to my taste personally, but there isn’t anything wrong with that because we all like different things! As you noticed from my reviews I like rockier, heavier, dancier bands. I didn’t like Marc Gunn either, so there you go.

      Also since this is my blog I write a little snarkier than I am in real life–my “blog” persona is frequently very much whinier, less grammatically correct, and more critical than my real life persona, and that’s something I purposefully try to do when I write as The Dilettantista (unless I’m writing a travelogue, in which case I tend to be much more objective, unless a restaurant served me oh, spoiled fish or something). It is never my intention to cause hurt, and I hope that people take these posts with a grain of salt–because, again, I am not a professional critic, just someone with a day job who likes to write on her own personal platform every now and then.

      That said, I actually happened to pass by the show you did in the Hyatt lobby area outside the Centennial Ballroom when it was going on, and I was thrilled to see so many people hanging out and watching your concert! I echo your sentiment: this is why Dragon*Con is GREAT, and nerd-dom is so much fun. There is something for EVERYONE, and I am really glad that there is an audience for your kind of music, just as I am glad that there is an audience for say, country music (which is also not to my taste), because if everyone liked the same thing that would be boring.

      So, thank you for reading, commenting, and being so, well, chill and open. My hope is that some people say this article, discovered you, and came to like you, and I hope that you continue to play at Dragon*Con and other events so that we continue to represent nerd diversity.

      Lindsay (aka The Dilettantista)!

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