19 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Peter Pepper

Peter Pepper is an adventure-punk.  On the website, this is what Peter Pepper writes: “Turn up the volume with your middle finger till the walls collapse. This is the Adventure Punk movement.”  I still don’t know what being an Adventure Punk means, but you can read the full manifesto at the bottom of the page.  It feels vaguely anarchistic so…yeah, punk.

Peter Pepper, according to his Dragon*Con profile, has a band of action-adventurers who sing to help those of us who suffer from the great whatever.  I’m going to assume that the great whatever is the general malaise and ennui that happens with every day life, but I could be wrong.

So we should listen to some music, yeah?

Oh, this might be a bit too hard for me maybe?  Jon would like it though.

Yeah, it is a little hard.  That isn’t necessarily terrible but, um, this video is sort of scary isn’t it?  It sort of feels like Korn.  You can decide whether or not that is a good thing.

Yep.  Whatever, I guess.

Talking points:

–Adventure punk!

–Sort of scary lead.  Also sort of like Korn.


One thumb up.  I could take it or leave it in all honesty.

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