Dragon*Con 2012 Recap: Friday


This recap covers Friday at Dragon*Con 2012–click here if you want to read about Thursday!

Friday morning I woke up and watched John Barrowman and Kai Owen‘s panel while dressing in my Blind Mag costume.  John Barrowman was so unbelievably charming, guys.  I want to be his best friend.  I love DC*TV (when it works) because it lets you maximize all your Con time.  Sure, I was in the hotel room, but I was watching the panel, laughing along with the panel, and being jealous of the beefy Spartan that John Barrowman ran his hands all over.  Siiiiigh.  All the good ones, right?

Anyways, as soon as I was dressed I headed out…and ran immediately into this amazing Nicholas D. Wolfwood from Trigun (above).  I spent much of the first part of Friday ducking into a panel or two (notably the Battlestar Galactica panel with Katee Sackoff love me some Starbuck!), grabbing some lunch, and taking tons of pictures:

This was a big latex reptile suit thing that I only saw out once–the rest of the weekend it was in a little wooden box/cage.  This thing was amazing.

I went into a little ball-jointed doll meet-up, on behalf of my mother, where I saw lots of lovely ball-jointed dolls in lovely clothes, including this little sleeping beauty.

These were just a few of the many My Little Pony costumes I saw throughout the weekend.

And then I saw Dani (you’ll see a lot more of her in the photos from Game of Thrones shoot I participated in on Sunday) in this FANTASTIC Illyria (from Angel) costume.

Seriously, look at how great she looks!!!

I just loved this Green Lantern Jedi.  How cool is he?

After a bit of wandering around I ducked into the Exhibitor’s Hall.  While strolling the booths, this gentleman chased me down for a photograph.  His name is Larry Elmore, and he has made a successful career and life for himself creating fantasy art for book covers, playing cards, and tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons.  Larry paints “witchy women,” and he wanted me to pose for him, as I fit the bill.  I was so flattered!  He shot a few pictures of me, and then we took the picture below together.  Larry had a huge booth with a lot of merchandise–I told him that he’s so lucky that he gets to do what he loves for a living, and that he is so successful at it!  He just grinned and said, “I know.”  What a lovely, lovely man!

After I left the Exhibitor’s hall in the Marriott (I went back later to get one of these little fuzzy guys–how cute are they?! I got a Howliss) I headed over to the Sheraton to catch The Guild panel with all six actors!  Yay all six actors, that was exciting!  They were very funny, although poor Robin Thorsen (Clara in the series), barely uttered three sentences.  New Guild episodes in October though, yay!

After the panel I headed back to my room (conveniently also in the Sheraton) to clean up a bit (heavy costumes in the summer = sweaty ew).  I then wandered around and took some more pictures (of course).   I got this amazing puppet:

And some lady Avengers:

I went into the Walk of Fame at the Hilton to ogle the stars (especially John Barrowman, who was there signing autographs, please be my friend?), and got a picture of THE CUTEST FAMILY EVER.

And then I saw a Hebrew Space Princess.

By this point in the day, Jon had boarded his flight from Raleigh-Durham to Atlanta (in case you forgot, Jon had to come down a bit late because of school.  Silly school).  I decided to kill some time while waiting for him by watching the World of Warcraft Costume contest.  I had a TERRIBLE seat (behind a giant pillar that blocked my entire view of the stage, more or less), so no pictures.  I did, however, randomly run into Kelly, a college acquaintance with whom I had done some improv.  Kelly also married the brother of one of the guys who was on my dorm floor (I know, random) and we also had a few other mutual friends.  I recognized Kelly, but she didn’t recognize me at first (hello wig and contacts!), but we totally reconnected once I said who I was.  Kelly was at Dragon*Con to give a talk for the Skeptic Track for her job–she works for an agency in D.C. whose goal is the perpetuation of the separation of church and state (yay Kelly!).  Unfortunately I was unable to attend her panel, as it coincided with my Sunday photoshoot, but it was still super cool to see her at Dragon*Con.  I hope she had a great time!

And then it was time to wander some more!  Jon was MARTA-ing in from the airport, so I decided to meet him at the Peachtree Mall Food Court, where we could both grab some dinner.  On the way, I passed a great Wheatley.

So good!  Also good was this Sarah and Jareth from Labyrinth.  I’m fairly certain that they maybe won an award at the Masquerade?

And then, when I got to the food court, I saw The Rocketeer!  FLASHBACK!

Jon arrived in one piece, and we grabbed some dinner to take back to the Sheraton–Jon wanted to get into zombie gear, and the Zombie Prom was at the Sheraton, so we figured it made sense to go back to the room.  While I waited for Jon to zombie up, I watched the already-deteriorated zombies shamble into the Sheraton ballroom.  I especially loved these Chick-Fil-A zombies (although I am still not cool with Chick-Fil-A guys, hate makes tasty chicken not tasty).

I also wandered into Klingon Karaoke where I watched a very uninspired performance of “Barbie Girl.”  Oh, and then, I SAW THIS CLOWN MASK UP CLOSE.  I’d been seeing it periodically all day, but man, it was terrifying up close.  TERRIFYING CLOWN HEADS ON EVERY SIDE GUYS.

Luckily Jon was blood-and-latexed up by that point, so my zombie boyfriend was able to come downstairs to save me.

We went into the Zombie Prom, and much dancing was had, and many zombies happened.

Since this was a prom, a Prom King and Prom Queen were crowned, and they had their first dance:

Jon and I also made a few new friends, including this Victorian grave robber:

We left the prom after a bit and wandered over to Dairy Queen, which was supposed to have been open until 1:00am, but it was 12:15am AND IT WAS CLOSED.  I HAD BEEN LIED TO.  So I set my zombie boyfriend on the people cleaning up.  I don’t like being denied my Blizzard.

We headed back into the Marriott where I kept taking pictures.  I got this Skyrim guy, who luckily hadn’t (yet) taken an arrow to the knee:

And then I saw Stormy (looking fabulous in another Harley Quinn ensemble) and some of her friends:

I got my picture with one of the Sci-Fi Janitors.

And we saw a beer robot, and some R2D2s.

By this point it was past 1:00am, and Jon was sleepy from having to do that whole school thing, so we headed back to the hotel to get some sleep for Saturday.  We saw this killer Jafar on the way over:

So that was Friday!  So many pictures, so little time!  I hope to get Saturday up before this week is over but, um, CenterFest (YOU SHOULD COME, AND VOLUNTEER), and also Thursday is Jon’s birthday (yay!) so I probably won’t blog then, and then, you know, working CenterFest all weekend, and then I’m out of town Monday and Tuesday for Rosh Hashana, so I’m just not sure how much blogging I’ll get done in the next week.  We’ll see, right?  In the meantime, I leave you with an obligatory scary/serious picture of Jon and me from Friday night!

(And here are two other scary/serious shots of me taken by a professional: here and here).


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