Dragon*Con 2012 Recap: Sunday Game of Thrones Photoshoot

I know, I know, you’re mad, right? No apologies–I’ve been busy, and last weekend was my first weekend at home in something like five weeks, and I just wanted to sit on the couch and watch football, so I did, and it was fantastic.  And now I’m finally going to get to wrapping up the 2012 Dragon*Con recaps, starting with a Game of Thrones photoshoot in which I participated on Sunday.

Sunday morning I woke up, dressed in Melisandre (check out this post where I give GIANT THANKS to the lovely and talented women who made this costume a reality), and traipsed over to the Hilton lobby to meet up with some other fantastic Game of Thrones costumers.  Look at all those colorful people!  This was a bunch of us assembled at the Hilton around noon to get the shoot started.

Oh wait, you want a close-up?

I am angry because you can sort of see my real hair from this angle, blergh.

Check out this girl’s amazing Quaithe costume:

Priestesses of Asshai!

I know you can’t tell, but all the nametags on this guy had variations of “MY NAME IS REEK” or “RHYMES WITH MEEK” and other things referring to Reek and A Dance with Dragons…so I won’t keep going because, spoilers!

And then we wandered outside the Hilton and I ran into the lovely Mary, who was quite fetchingly dressed as Morgana!  Loved her costume.

So I somehow got pulled into a smaller Game of Thrones photoshoot with a professional(?) photographer (I think they’d lost their Melisandre and they needed another one), and that shoot sidetracked the Marriott for a bit:

Ghost came too.

Then we went outside to The Cigarette Courtyard where the photographer made me ruin my dress (not really, but in my head I was all: “BUT THIS IS AN ALAIA.”)

I got my picture taken with the trooper Ygritte–she was all in fur, and it was balls hot outside!

Dany and Khal Drogo:

House Snark Stark.

Asha/Yara Greyjoy.

Jon Snow, trying to cool down a bit/pretending he was Batman.

The Ladies of A Song of Ice and Fire…adjusting our wigs and costumes, ha.

Posed!  I showed this image to my mother and she said: “It looks like a bunch of large-breasted women standing in a row.”

The Stark sisters.

A trio of Lannisters, with the photographer in the foreground–I love this shot, it is so Dragon*Con.   Also note the Cersei, she was specifically drunk Cersei. Which was great.  More wine, bitches!

One more epic shot, this one taken in the drive-through of the Marriott.

The photoshoot then moved to the Sheraton, where we were supposed to have met up with the rest of the Game of Thrones costumers, but there had been a bit of a snafu and they had dispersed.  I was super bummed, as I was looking forward to seeing everyone else’s costumes and also to meeting up with a few people, but what can you do.

Take more photos, that’s what.  So, here are a few solemn photographs.

And here are a few fun shots!  I totally should have done a “birthing” pose, but what can you do.  Hindsight is 20-20.

Hooray, shenanigans!

And one more solemn shot.

We headed out into the Sheraton pool and courtyard, where I took a few shots of the baby that was not to be…

And some dragon eggs.

And more dragon eggs!

And another shot of the baby that was not to be…

…which I promptly decided to sacrifice in the name of the Red God.

Pretty Danys all in a row.

Another snafu, namely the new development of the Sheraton no longer allowing photoshoots in the pool courtyard, sent us all shuffling back to the Hilton for a few final photos.

A battle for the crown.

A battle for the Joffrey?

Melisandre and Jon, red and black.

And one final shot to end the set: Sansa, jumping for joy!

So that was the shoot–it was fun, if a little sweaty and confusing, and it was great to meet some of the people with whom I’d been Facebook chatting via the Game of Thrones costuming group.  Also, everyone looked AMAZING–Seriously y’all, you are talented, fantastic folks, and it was so great to be photographed with the rest of the group, because we looked baller!  The professional shots from these shoots can be viewed here (photos at the Marriott) and here (photos at the Sheraton and the return to the Hilton), and they’re all really fabulous (big thanks to the two photographers who showed up to capture us in all our finery!)

I’ll wrap up Sunday, and therefore my Dragon*Con 2012 recaps, soon enough!

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