Dragon*Con 2012 Recap: Sunday Part 2

Time to finish this Dragon*Con recap so I can write about other things!  Like weddings!  And Vegas!

So last post ended with me toddling away from the Game of Thrones photo shoot.  I wandered back to the hotel room to shower and change into my comfortable outfit, aka the Companion Cube dress.

We went downstairs to the Sheraton Cafe and we ran into a Chell (yay), and then we got in line for Miss Star Trek Universe.  Because Star Trek themed beauty pageants are the BEST.

So that’s Kim Cardasian.  Other contestants included a Klingon who sung an aria from La Boheme (in Klingon duh), two Vulcans, and a hologram.  There was also a Trill who was suffering from a symbiont mis-match, and she sang a medley to the symbiont, and then the symbiont was a puppet.  It was so amazing.

One of the Vulcans won, and it was so glorious because the woman 100% broke character and displayed the largest, most earnest and beautiful smile ever.  She clearly hadn’t expected to win (she was a little older and much more, well, clothed than some of the other contestants), and the joy she evidenced at winning was just so lovely.  This is why Dragon*Con exists.

Nichelle Nichols (aka Uhura from the original series) was one of the judges.

And then we walked around some and we saw this great Cat Bus from My Neighbor Totoro

And some Captain Americas.

And then I found Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad.


They gave me some blue crystal (really just raspberry rock candy).

We saw the Breaking Bad customers at the panel. Game Show of Thrones, which was a Game of Thrones trivia night/feats of strength extravaganza, featuring teams with names like Twincest is Wincest and House Snark.  Jon and I did not play but it was fun to watch (if a little long) and some of the commentary from the drunk folks behind us had me crying with laughter.

We went back into the Marriott Atrium and saw some fantastic things, like this party robot that played music (Daft Punk, duh).

And an internet troll meme (I’d been looking for one all weekend!)

And because Dragon*Con requires tons of walking around and party hopping, we headed back to the Sheraton for the Harry Potter themed Yule Ball, where I got this photo of a Gryffindor with a Slytherin.

And then we headed downstairs to the Starfleet party where I took some photos of contestants from that afternoon’s pageant.

After that it was back to the Hilton for some karaoke-watching with Mary (dressed as Morgana) and Shae (dressed as Starbuck from Battlestar Galactica).

Of course we returned to the Marriott to ogle the costumes some more, such as this Renly Baratheon (minus shadow-baby sword).

Lady Vadore courtesy of the awesome Jen from EPBOT and Cake Wrecks.

Oogy Boogy from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Animal, free of his chains.

This was SO. GOOD.  It was all the beloved characters that Joss Whedon has killed off (although I really didn’t care about Coulson, sorry Coulson), and they were protesting their demise.  Tara was the Whedon death that most upset me, so I stood behind the person dressed as her and frowned lots and lots.

Nearby were the sleep agent triggers from Serenity.

And near them were these fantastic craft-foam giant dinosaur skeletons.

Seriously they were amazing!  As was this fantastic Kenny Powers.  I guess I’m fucking out, huh?

Of course we saw ANOTHER Chell (so many Chells).

And close to that were these really fun Archer costumes.

And these witch costumes (I guess they were witches?)


We headed to the Hyatt for the Cruxshadows concert, and I saw this fantastic Vash the Stampede from Trigun.

So here are a few shots from the Cruxshadows concert, which was, of course, great!

And just in case you were curious, here’s what was coming to the Dragon*Con hotels right after Dragon*Con (all these little church ladies had already started to arrive, it was sort of hilarious).

Two more shots from the evening:

And this Pinky Pie-Andrew W.K. homage pretty much sums up the entire weekend.

And thus (finally) ends my Dragon*Con 2012 recap!  As always a fun weekend, and I got to hang out with some cool folks, and wore some great costumes.  And, as always, I’m counting down the days until next year!

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