Happy New Year – 2016 Edition


Our New Year’s Day tradition, and since we have done it two years in a row it is now officially a tradition, is to marathon The Lord of the Rings. The theatrical versions, not the extended releases, we’re not masochists, and it is still over ten hours of movie-watching.

This year, we’ve doubled-down on the sloth and pushed our two sofas together to create a couch fort. This was Jon’s idea, which was given in response to my somewhat ambitious plan to construct a full-out fort in our living room. Much easier, and just as cozy. I’m not sure why we haven’t done this before, it is a truly genius masterpiece, and becomes even more awesome with the addition of furry cats.



As for fuel, over the past two days we’ve consumed eggs-in-a-hole made with challah bread and a ton of butter, a frozen pepperoni pizza, steak and bake potato with cheese and (more) butter, popcorn, hot chocolate from Matthew’s Chocolates in Hillsborough, gelato (also from Matthew’s), and more.

My FitBit stats are at the lowest they have been since I started using one at the beginning of December. Achievement unlocked.

If you’re wondering where we are in the films, we’re well into The Return of the King. The beacons of Minas Tirith have been lit–one of my favorite scenes from the films, because of the sweeping music and drama of the imagery. Hope is kindled! So epic! I figure we’ll finish the marathon just before midnight.

lotr-rotk-beacons (1).png

I hope everyone has had an equally relaxing start to 2016. We can all start the business of getting, well, back to business tomorrow. For today, sloth shall reign.


Happy New Year everyone!



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