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Carnivorous Plant Update

So Jon put together his carnivorous plant set last week.  There are all these complicated instructions about, you know, refrigerating some sets of seeds but not others, and how and when to water, and how you won’t see any growth for nearly three months and then the plants are super-fragile for another three months.  Basically we are raising babies here.  Carnivorous plant babies.

The set came with a fairly sizable planter, a few seed packs, and some decorative elements like stickers to decorate the sides of the planter, little plastic snakes to decorate the inside of the planter, and some rocks.  The set also had dirt.  Actually, two really compact dirt discs, to be precise.  Jon wasn’t quite sure what to do with those at first.  His initial reaction was: “this is all the dirt I get?!”  And in my head I thought something along the lines of “Maybe we can de-compact the dirt” but I was distracted (I was probably blogging) so I didn’t say that.

Then, of course, Jon figured out that he needed to moisten and then de-compact the dirt, which had been super-compacted into dirt discs.  He even found a little piece of paper in the box basically telling him to moisten and de-compact the dirt.  Problem solved.

So, basically, all we have now is a planter filled with dirt.  It is currently hanging out in a sunny, warm patch in our spare room.  Jon mists it every now and then.

I don’t think we’ll see any growth anytime soon.  Jon planted the first round of seeds but there’s a second set hanging out in the fridge that will get planted at some point, I’m not entirely sure when.  Once Jon adds more decoration to the planter or once some plants grow I’ll post another update!

This is my chronicle of the Desktop Carnivorous Plant Set from ThinkGeek.  I bought this kit of my own accord and have no relation to ThinkGeek–other than thinking that their website and products are rad. 


I know I went poof for a few more days, but I have some good excuses for it.

Firstly, isn’t this weather great?  I love the fall, everything seems crisper and brighter and better.  And sure it has been a little rainy these past few days, but who cares?  Fall, guys, fall.

Jon’s birthday was last week.  I got him this cake from Whole Paycheck Foods.

I also got him the Carnivorous Plant kit about which I wrote.  I’ll update on that later this week.  Unfortunately we won’t see any actual growth for a few months, so the first few updates will probably just be pictures of dirt.  Life takes time y’all.

On Friday Jon and I volunteered to help out our friend Heather Gordon at the Golden Belt Third Friday Artist Demo Night.  A number of the artists in the studios were doing fifteen-minute demonstrations of their work throughout the night and Heather, who was organizing the demos, needed some extra hands to help out.  Jon got off easy, he just had to film a few videos.  Me?  I had to wear a sandwich board:

So stylish.


Carnivorous Plants

A short post tonight, because writing all of those Dragon*Con recaps was exhausting (but fun!) and also because it is Jon’s birthday.  He was the zombie with the creepy Hellraiser eyes who was shuffling alongside me in a lot of my Dragon*Con pictures.  Anyways, since it is Jon’s birthday that means more conversing with actual humans and less time typing up manifestos on my blog.

So, what does one get her boyfriend who enjoys putting latex and stage blood on his face and who enjoys crafting suits of armor out of Wonderflex and who generally likes all things strange and nerdy?

She gets him this:

That, my friends, is a carnivorous plant set.

You get a little plant greenhouse, a bunch of seeds, some dirt, some fun props like fake snakes and bugs.  Put it all together and a few weeks later you get a bug devouring wonder machine of curiosity and awesomeness.  I hope.

Jon was really enthused by it (yay!) and I am excited to see how the whole set comes together.  I’ll probably post some pictures once the plants start growing!