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49 Days to Dragon*Con: My Little Pony Mods

Hi y’all.  Did you know that yesterday was evidently embrace your geekness day?  How fitting, considering it was the start of my countdown.  However, I view every day as full of new potential for embracing my nerdiness and geekiness.  Who needs a holiday?!

So in recognition of this holiday someone over at Buzzfeed put together a really fabulous list of modified My Little Pony(s). If you don’t know what a My Little Pony is, I’m sorry, and google it.

My Little Klingon Pony
My Little Frank-N-Pony
My Little Alien Pony

Okay so those are just three of the awesome ones but there are fifty more on an awesome list and you can see them all right here.  Some of them are hella creative, peoples.  Today is a good day to dye…My Little Ponys.

50 Days to Dragon*Con: The Guild

Hi y’all!  For the next fifty days I will be counting down to Dragon*Con (remember?  I wrote about it here) by celebrating all that is wonderful, fan-u-lous, and nerdy.  So check back every day for new tidbits of fun and evidence of my unnecessary cache of pop culture nerd-dom knowledge.  Also, a chronicle of time I spend on these things that maybe should be spent at the gym or applying for jobs.  Anyhow!

I’d originally had something else planned for today but the glorious Twitter alerted me to the season premiere of one of my favorite web series, The Guild. Season 4, ftw!

So the series is about a the MMORPG (Massively-Multi-Player-Online-Roleplaying-Game r-tards) World of Warcraft and a guild (organized group) that plays said game, and the drama that happens within said guild.  If you don’t know what World of Warcraft is, then watch this video:

(Yes, this is real, it is from a South Park episode entitled “Make Love, Not Warcraft,” about the World of Warcraft, and the joy it brings into one’s life.  The song is real too, it is by Kiss co-founder Paul Stanley.  You know, “whore lips,” from Glee).

Okay so the main character of The Guild is  Cyd (Character name Codex,) played by nerd-crush girl Felicia Day (she’s also done Buffy and Dollhouse).   So the semi-agoraphobic Cyd narrates the show and we get to meet her fellow guild members and other members of the Warcraft world, including Wil Wheton guys!  Wesley Crusher y’all!  And he doesn’t wear a sweater, he wears a kilt!  Amazing!

So even if you don’t know World of Warcraft, and I really don’t, this is a great show.  However, the people I know who do/did play Warcraft say that the game knowledge is impeccable and that the writers clearly have mega game experience.  So basically this is a soap opera by nerds, for nerds, which makes it awesome.

So heard over to The Guild site and watch the series.  You should start with season 1, episode 1.  It will be wonderful.