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50 Days to Dragon*Con: Dragons Part I, How to Train Your Dragon

Did y’all see How to Train Your Dragon?  If you didn’t you should see it!  I’m watching it for like the 20th time right now, and the first big flying scene with Hiccup and Toothless just happened, and it is so amazing.  The cinematography and the music and also that whole “What it would be like if I could actually fly” thing?  So good!  If you didn’t want a pet dragon before, you’d totally want one after watching this scene:

I’ve decided to kick off my second iteration of 50 Days to Dragon*Con by talking about some dragons that I have known.  The How to Train Your Dragon dragons are just a recent obsession, one that burrowed into my mind because a) the Toothless dragon is pretty cute and b) the dragons in this movie are basically like giant cats.  And who doesn’t want a giant adorable fire-breathing cat that you can love (and maybe even fly on?  I originally had “who doesn’t want a giant adorable fire-breathing cat that you can ride and love, but that came off a little wrong).  The movie even features little tiny dragons–little tiny pet dragons guys!  How amazing would that be?

Last Dragon*Con I stumbled upon a booth selling these little poseable dragons, and they had a black and red model with a face that looked like Toothless.  So I totally bought it (duh).

Cute right?  Of course now it just sits, coiled up around my nightstand lamp.  Dragon*Con impulse buys, what can you do right?

A few observations while watching Independence Day

Watching Independence Day on the days surrounding July 4th is a patriotic duty.  It is as important as eating hot dogs and watching fireworks. This week, while watching ID4 on AMC, with fantastic spoiler-y clips of previous seasons of Breaking Bad interspersed throughout the commercial breaks (July 15th!  So soon!), I had a few important thoughts.

Cover of "Independence Day (Single Disc W...
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Jeff Goldblum‘s scoop-neck wife beater, for instance, is a work of beauty.  As is his hilarious, mid-90s necklace.  I actually think this role edges out Ian Malcolm in terms of Goldblum’s best roles.  Goldblum really has the stammery, nerdy, awkward yet sexy Jewish (but not practicing!) mensch thing down in this movie.

That hideous dolphin ring that Will Smith gets to propose to Vivica Fox, who plays his stripper girlfriend, is such a disaster but so real.  That is totally what a guy would get to propose to his stripper girlfriend.  Truest part of the movie, right there.

The alien mother ship looks like a horseshoe crab WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE A HORSESHOE CRAB.

Excellent supporting jobs by President Roslin, Jayne, Blair Waldorf‘s mom, and Data.  Seriously it is like a little sci-fi club up in here (except for Blair Waldorf’s mom but, whatever).  Oh, also, HARRY CONNICK JR.

I love the sequence where the Americans are Morse-coding everyone, and we go around the world, and we see that shot of the Israelis and the palestinians fighting on the same side, because nothing brings people together like a COMMON INTERGALACTIC ENEMY y’all.  Remember when the Romulans joined forces with the Federation to fight the Dominion?  POINT MADE.

So what are the nations of the world going to do with these broken, burning, giant metal saucers now, huh?

Things to consider when you watch ID4 this Independence Day.  I hope y’all have a great 4th of July!  Watch out for the aliens.

Things I Learned Watching Jurassic Park on the Big Screen, Part 1

A few weeks ago I went to the Carolina Theatre for a special double feature organized by the Retrofantasma Film Series to benefit the Nevermore Film Festival.  (So many things!) The films shown were Close Encounters of the Third Kind (doo doo doo doo doooooo) and Jurassic Park.  And it was really fun!

I haven’t seen Jurassic Park on the big screen since it came out way back in the 90s, and though I have watched it a bazillion times since, it is always interesting to be in a movie theater and to hear the audience’s reactions.  I learned some things about Jurassic Park, on this night.

For instance, some people find this hilarious:

Oddly, Jeff Goldblum, tanned, open-shirted, reclining like some Roman senator at a feast, isn’t something that I ever found notable when watching the film alone, on my couch, every Saturday night on Spike/USA/TNT.  But when you watch it in a giant theater, people start laughing when this scene happens.  So yeah, it is totally hilarious.  I never noticed that before!

You learn something new every day.

(P.S. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY GUYS!  Consider shirtless Jeff Goldblum my gift to you, I LOVE YOU ALL!)

This One Time I Took a Bunch of 6th Grade Girls to see Star Wars for my Birthday

Unless you’ve been living in a hole, you probably know that all six of the Star Wars films are being re-released.  IN 3-D GUYS (I hate 3-D).  Anyways, the last time Star Wars was re-released was 1997, in preparation for the prequels.  Little did we know guys, little did we know.

(As a sidenote, Patton Oswalt has the best thoughts on the prequels, the best thoughts ever, you should listen to them).

So anyways, in 1997 I was totally obsessed with Star Wars.  I came to the Star Wars party a little late.  I didn’t actually watch them until I was ten, for some absurd reason, but then I got SUPER obsessed.  I more or less memorized the movies, and I read all the expanded universe stuff (Thrawn Trilogy guys Mara Jade guys!)  Since I was so Star Wars obsessed, and since my twelfth birthday overlapped the re-release of Return of the Jedi, it only made sense to take a bunch of my 12-year old girlfriends to see the movie for my birthday party.

Except it really didn’t make any sense at all guys.

As you can guess, most 12-year old girls prefer this:

over this:

Too bad I couldn’t provide this, everyone would have been happier:


Thrilling Thursdays: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Well, we weren’t going to get through the month of October without mentioning Tim Burton.  That’d just be silly.

Image from IMDB

The Nightmare Before Christmas is such a great movie y’all, but I don’t need to tell you that.  I’m sure you’ve seen it dozens of times.  This may very well be Tim Burton’s masterpiece.  The claymation is just astonishing, the music is lovely, Danny Elfman‘s finest really, and the story so touching.  I mean, it is essentially about a skeleton having an existential crisis, how crazy is that?

Who hasn’t had an existential crisis?!  I have one every other day.