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Freaky Fridays: Some Last Minute Costume Ideas

Since I was out late last night seeing the North Carolina Theater’s production of Evita (good, although I didn’t love the Eva, which is a problem) this is really going to be short and sweet.  I mean, Halloween is on MONDAY guys, and all the Halloween parties are probably this weekend, shouldn’t you, like, have your costumes ready by now?

Poster for the Broadway production of Evita wi...
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I mean, I guess you could always go as Evita, am I right?

(Speaking of musicals, did y’all see Wednesday’s South Park?  It was incredible, Trey Parker and Matt Stone co-wrote it with their Book of Mormon co-writer, Robert Lopez.   It was about musicals and Tim Tebow but mostly musicals and also blow jobs and you can and should watch it right here.  You and three of your friends could also be South Park characters for Halloween).

Okay but if you are really looking for something last minute and easy but unique, check out this list io9 created this list of 20 zero-effort, high-concept Halloween costumes that are guaranteed to alienate your friends.  My favorite is the monolith from 2001, and also the disguised Mystique.  Clever girl.

This is also unrelated to Halloween and it is also like, three weeks ago, but I just heard Beyonce’s song “Countdown” on the radio and I remembered how incredible I thought the song and the music video were.  So I give this to you, my dear friends:

Actually this video has lots of great ideas!  You can do the classic Audrey Hepburn like Beyonce does.  You can wear one of those crazy colored body suits with that awesome hat.  You could totally go as Beyonce’s mysterious baby bump that no one has actually seen since the VMAs or whatever it was.  So many options guys!

Also, if this song is not played at your Halloween party it will be a not fun party.  I plan on sneaking this number in several times, because it is incredible.

What will you all be wearing to your parties this weekend?  I’ll be revising my Blind Mag, but that’s just because between all the cooking and prepping and starting a new job there just isn’t time to prep a new costume…and also I paid quite a bit for my Blind Mag look so I might as well wear it as much as I can!  I’m definitely excited to hear what y’all are wearing though.  I hope you have a super fun weekend!

Friday at Dragon*Con 2011, Blood and Chrome

Friday at Dragon*Con is always exciting because everything feels fresh and new and full of possibility and your feet don’t hurt yet and it is great.  We slept in a bit because there weren’t any early panels we were dying to see and so were able to get right into costume and venture into the world as fully formed cosplayers!  Jon attempted his first zombie look, including latex and stage blood, and I garbed myself in a Blind Mag costume that left me 100% satisfied and happy.  Our first panel was in the Sheraton, where we were staying, so we were able to rush downstairs and walk right into a session about The Guild (GUYYYYSS NEIL GAIMAN WAS ON IT THIS WEEK WHAT), with the actors Amy Okuda, Robin Thorsen and Wil Wheaton.  Actually I meant to say Wil Wheaton!!!!!!! WESLEY CRUSHER GUYS COME ON.   Anyways, if you don’t watch The Guild you really should, I wrote about it awhile ago.

So the panel was fun and Wil Wheaton is awesome but I was really distracted by this one and a half year old adorable girl dressed as a Nyan Cat.  This is what a Nyan Cat is:

(Ungh, I just spent ten minutes watching all the Nyan Cat video varieties, like the Russian one with his little Vodka bottle, and the smooth jazz one, guys, the internet, seriously).

And this is the adorable child dressed as a Nyan Cat:

Is that not top five most adorable things ever?  It was difficult for me to get a non-blurry shot because, as her mother said, she’s like the Nyan Cat, she never stops moving!

So after The Guild panel we went to the trusty Peachtree Food Court to get some lunch.  And we were stopped lots of times for photographs y’all!  How awesome is that.  You can view one of my favorite ones here.  Seriously, how awesome do we look?  Oh, this photograph also happened:


30 Day Song Challenge, Days 7 and 8

Day 7: A Song That Reminds You of an Event.  “I Get Wet” by Andrew W.K. was played at my high school graduation, because my high school was awesome.

Day 8: A Song You Know All the Words To.  I mean, there are a lot of these, but the one that came to mind was Tori Amos’ “Spark.”  I mean, why not, she’s addicted to nicotine patches right?

30 Day Song Challenge Day 6: A Song That Reminds You of A Place

So on the same Europe trip with the metal-plate head hobbit I listened to a lot of Sondheim’s Sunday in the Park With George.  Namely, I listened to a lot of “Finishing the Hat.”  I’d usually turn it on whenever we were traveling somewhere.  At the time I felt like the song had a sense of journey, of decision.  Not that I was making any decisions besides where to eat dinner, but, you know.  I mean, I certainly wasn’t making any decisions such as ART vs. LOVE.  Still, great song, and it always reminds me of European Backpacking Summer 2009.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5, A Song That Reminds You of Someone

I spent four weeks during the summer of 2007 traipsing around Europe with my friends Nora and Lindsey.  We spent a few days in Prague, and while in Prague we ended up spending an evening at a dubiously named Harley Davidson bar surrounding by a bunch of extremely Aryan German frat-ish boys and two British cousins.  One cousin was tall and thin and reedy.  One was short and Hobbit-y.  Both were in suits and were entertaining, and liked to sing along to the radio.  The shorter cousin also had a metal plate in his forehead, the result of a flesh-and-bone eating bacterial infection he had encountered as a child.  Or so he said.  The metal plate, however, was real.  He ensured that Nora and I rap our knuckles against it at least once.  Said metal-plated Hobbit also sang a song about Nora, set to the tune of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby.”  It was not a safe-for-work song either.  In the meantime, I present to you the original version of the Kaiser Chief’s “Ruby,” which will now and forever remind me of Nora and a British dude with a plate in his head.