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A New Background

I just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Marc from Robot Attack for helping me out a bit with my blog (thanks Marc!).  He switched up the sidebar some, and also made me that pretty new background!  I’m trying to spruce this baby up a little bit, in preparation for something exciting–I can’t wait to share it with y’all, I’m just waiting for a few more logistical specifics!

My birthday yesterday was good, low-key fun.  I’ll recap it tomorrow.  In the meantime I am having the laziest Sunday ever.  I am currently watching the Heels battle out the hated FSU Seminoles in the ACC championship game.  I might even skip the gym today (which I NEVER do).  I did go to the gym yesterday–as you can see, I’m a crazy addict type.  I considered heading to Durham‘s Central Park area for the Food Truck Rodeo, but I have so much leftover food in my fridge from my birthday that going out and paying for food just seemed wasteful and not particularly economical.  If any of you go to the Rodeo, I hope you have a great time!

Happy Sunday everyone!


No, I did not go to BroNYCon (I haven’t watched enough Friendship is Magic to be legit), but I did read this great article about BroNYCon while watching the beginning of the really dull and underwhelming SEC West Championship BCS Championship.

I had a friend who went to a Florida game at LSU and they saw rednecks fans rednecks dragging around dead baby alligators.

Also Alabama is just terrible.

So basically I loathe both of these teams.

Anyways, read the article on BroNYCon, it will make your night better.  I mean people give testimonials on how the ponies saved their lives guys:

Steve Decker, a Maryland Brony who was selling from his stock of hundreds of My Little Pony toys, each of them carefully enclosed in a Ziploc baggie, said that “My Little Pony” saved his life when he discovered it in 2004. His work as a student loan collections officer was making him suicidal. “My job was literally to ruin peoples’ lives,” he said. “Every day, I’d hope to get into an accident and die on my way to work.” Looking for some small, simple happiness, he went to Toys “R” Us. The boy toys were all focused on killing and violence, while many of the girls’ dolls were slutty or stupid, he said. The 2-for-1 sale on My Little Ponies clinched it for him.

See guys, friendship is magic.

Look at how appropriate this image is guys!

Happy Federal Holiday!

I’m off today, are you off?  My goal today was to stay in pajamas until I went to my High Intensity Interval Training and Core classes tonight at 5:30, and so far so good.  Florida is currently playing the hated the Ohio State Buckeyes at the (heh) Gator Bowl in Jacksonville.  Andre Dubose just ran a kick-off return 99 yards for a touchdown so that was awesome!  Unfortunately this Florida vs. tOSU match-up will not end like this:

Both teams are 6 and 6, which is just pathetic and sad, but it would be nice to beat the Buckeyes (again) because Urban Meyer just et tu Brutused (heh) us and is now headed there to coach.  Sigh.  Anyways, YAY FOOTBALL PLEASE LET US BE BETTER NEXT YEAR.

Today is also being brought to you by the sleeping kitten in my lap and by my flat-iron staying put in its box.  Don’t you love those days where you don’t do your hair or put on any makeup?  Is that just me?  I don’t have many of them, so I’m sure my hair and skin cherishes each and every one.

Back to work tomorrow!  I hope y’all are enjoying this last day of laziness as much as I am.


Men’s Short Program, Olympics, Vancouver 2010

So y’all, this year’s men’s group is really funbelievable.  I’ve been keeping a steady stream of facebook commentary and I figured I’d post it here, just for good times.



(Yes, I use caps a lot, but this is IMPORTANT y’all).

9:00: Oh Yevgeny.

9:30: Favorite skating comment thus far, from NYTimes liveblog: “Yevgeny Plushenko is on the ice for warmups, wearing a black rhinestone outfit with plunging neckline. It is safe to say he is the greatest skater ever to wear a mullet. His hair says quad in the front, party in the back.”

10:15:  Daisuke Takahashi is clearly the Japanese Johnny Weir. I ♥ him immensely.

10:30:  Samuel Contesti of Italy is wearing some sort of “country” outfit.  I will term them fauxveralls, and pray that they vanish forever.

11:05:  Johnny Weir, so awesome, you rock that tassel.

11:15:  Oh silly Belgium: techno “Escape From Bald Mountain” and a sparkly skeleton onesie? Oh dear oh dear.

Another excellent comment from the NYTimes live blog: “Belgium’s Kevin van der Perren might have hit a new low in the costume race, apparently mistaking the Olympics for Halloween. He was skating as a skeleton. Or a human X-ray.

11:25: Lysacek, so much hair gel! Your hair looks lacquered!

11:26: Also, you are skating to the Firebird as well! Too much gel! Lacquered hair! Same music as one of the pairs teams! Oh Evan. I still enjoy you, you big black bird you.

YAY EVAN!  Second place behind Yevegny, and not by much!

11:34:  Poor Jeremy Abbott.  Falling apart.

Olympic Men’s Skating is amazing this year, just fantastic. I cannot wait for Thursday to see how this all ends. And I want to thank Samuel Contesti for inspiring my new fashion term: Fauxveralls.