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Happy Halloween, Queen!

Just wanted to let y’all know that my favorite queen from this season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race, Sharon Needles, won!!!  She’s not just an amazing queen, she’s a freak, like me, who loves gothy, nerdy, scary, freaky things.  I’m super thrilled that she won, because she’s super fantastic!

I’m still recovering from Art Walk (which was great!), but I promise I’ll get back to telling you about my trip to NYC soon!

36 Hours in New York City: The HBO Store and Rockefeller Plaza

I know guys, what touristy locations!!!  Who am I, going to these touristy places?  Well, here’s my story.

After breakfast at the Breslin, as detailed in my last post, we decided to walk over to Times Square to see if there were any good matinees available at TKTS, and also to visit my sister who was rehearsing for a show at the Broadway Dance Center.

We were strolling along 6th Avenue when we passed the HBO store, which is right by Bryant Park and across the street from the Museum of the  International Center of Photography.  There was a big Game of Thrones display in the front window, so we decided to poke our heads into the store just because.  And this is what we saw:

GUYSSSS.  That is the very costume that Melisandre wears in her first appearance on Game of Thrones.  THE VERY ONE.  And since I am remaking my Melisandre costume from last year I totally went nuts and took a bazillion photographs because OH MY LORD guys, the costume was right there. (Don’t worry, I won’t show you them all).

Anyways, check out that necklace:

I took pictures of the other costumes as well: they had Jon Snow’s Night’s Watch uniform, Dany’s Dothraki garb, and one of Cersei’s court gowns.  They also had some fantastic props from the show.



Okay so April is really busy for me at work and also life so posts will be sporadic.  Also my family is coming this week, MY WHOLE FAMILY, and they are coming for Passover, which I am cooking for the first night of Seder, so this week is busy because COOKING AND CLEANING.  Also next week is busy because I am going out of town, and the week after is busy because of work and also the week after that.  You get the picture.  So, how about a rapid post about television!!?!?!?!

Wow guys did you SEE Game of Thrones on Sunday?  Melisandre was pretty hot wasn’t she?  Evidently the is topping the Attractive Game of Thrones Power Rankings which, duh (it is the hair, they say).  Also: infanticide, Peter Dinklage getting first billing, more baby killing, idol burning, gorgeous set locations and all around awesomeness.  Most awesome show on television y’all, truly.

Also, did you guys see Fat Betty Draper Francis?!  I just can’t get it out of my head you guys.  I can’t.  Here is a picture:

Yep.  That happened.  Poor January Jones.

Okaaaay I’m going to go back to worrying about work/cooking for Passover/cleaning my house now!  I hope y’all’s April is off to a glorious start!

That Time When Mad Men and Game of Thrones Came Back

GUYS.  Popular culture is being so good to me right now–and no, I’m not talking about the disappointing film adaptation of The Hunger Games.  I won’t go into it too much, because most of the reviewers have already said what I felt, but basically the books are great and gutsy and have a real sense of risk and urgency to them.  The film, however, is sort of flat and lacks any sense of violence or urgency or terror.  This is mostly because the film is PG-13 and so you have to lose all the insane stuff that makes the book so unusual so that the little children can go see it.  Anyways, see the movie because Jennifer Lawrence and Stanley Tucci and Donald Sutherland are all great, but also read the book because it is pretty awesome.

Anyways, popular culture is being so good to me right now because Mad Men is now back (after a hiatus of almost a year and a half, DISASTER) and Game of Thrones is coming back on Sunday!  This is amazing!

Mad Men on Sunday was super great, did y’all see Megan’s crazy song and dance scene?  Oh you didn’t?!  Well here you go:

That’s Jessica Paré as Megan, and that scene could very well make her a star.  Anyways, Mad Men‘s two hour premiere on Sunday was awesome, I’m so happy this show is back.

I am also happy because Game of Thrones is returning this upcoming Sunday, which means that for ten blessed weeks Game of Thrones and Mad Men will play back to back.  I am excited for many reasons, such as the Blackwater episode that was written by George R.R. Martin himself and is being directed by Neil Marshall, and also Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, and also dragons.  It will all be incredible.  Also, Melisandre will be on this season!  Remember Melisandre?  Remember how I dressed up as her for Dragon*Con?  And then remember how I marched in the Dragon*Con parade with the Game of Thrones group and then I was in a big Game of Thrones photoshoot at Dragon*Con?  Don’t remember?  HERE IS A PICTURE!

Anyways, like I said, Melisandre will be on this season!  She is being played by Carice van Houten, and she looks like this:

Yessss she looks great y’all!  Who is super excited for the show to be on so I can get lots of screen shots of Melisandre to create my screen-accurate Dragon*Con costume (among other reasons?)  This girl!

Enjoy your Sunday night television y’all!

So, I am Watching Twin Peaks Now

Twin Peaks happened in 1990-1991.  I was five during this time, so I definitely did not watch any of it.  However, Twin Peaks is now on Netflix Instant, and one of my friends was all “Holy shit is crazy you need to watch it!!!!!” and I said “Okay, I’ll get around to it.”

Well, I finally got around to it.  And guys, to quote a poet, that shit cray.

Just in case you’ve been living in a pop culture hole for the last twenty-five years, Twin Peaks is the David Lynch directed television drama about a small town in the Pacific Northwest.  The town sweetheart, Laura Palmer, is brutally murdered, and the ensuing investigation reveals that the quaint small town is pretty fucked up.

Original 2001 release of Season 1 on DVD throu...
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The cast is led by an awesome, young, hot Kyle MacLachlan (Paul Atreides from Dune or Trey McDougal from Sex and the City depending on your pop cultural tastes) as an FBI agent who comes into town to solve the murder.  When the show aired in the early 90s, it was all America could talk about; people went nuts for this show, which is interesting because she show is insane.  The show pulled an Icarus for its first half, and then it got too close to the sun and it was canceled in its second season, after just thirty episodes.

Kyle MacLachlan at 43rd Emmy Awards ceremony
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This NYMagazine article, from their super-fun Best Dramas of the Past 25 Years March Madness bracket, sums up Twin Peaks pretty nicely.  You should read it, unless you haven’t watched Twin Peaks or Battlestar Galactica.  In which case, don’t read it.

So, I just finished the first episode of season 2.  The first season ended with a bunch of people getting shot, a one-eyed woman attempting suicide, and a big giant act of arson.  Also, one really brutal act of bird murder. And then the second season opened with hallucinations involving the tall dude who played Lwaxana Troi‘s mute servant in the Star Trek series.  The episode ended with this really creepy, rapid-edited rape-and-murder sequence involving demonic screaming and “FIRE WALK WITH ME” written in blood.  The show also includes a lady who has a log (I almost wrote blog there, oops) that she carries around like a baby, and donut buffets, and a secret society, and a bizarre little Canadian whorehouse, and also a dream sequence involving a red room and a dancing dwarf.  THIS SHOW IS CRAZY PEOPLE, I love it and I love that America loved it.

I know lots of random things about pop culture, and even know the twists or endings to things I have never seen (I don’t really care too much about spoilers, in general ROSEBUD IS A SLED GUYS).  However, I somehow don’t know who killed Laura Palmer, SO DON’T TELL ME.   I think I’ll find out in episode 14?  Anyways, I’m almost there.  WE SHALL SEE.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me theatrical poster
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