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Etsy Giveaway on Beryl-Lynn

Over the next few days the lovely lifestyle blog Beryl Lynn is participating in an Etsy giveaway.  Today she has already posted about two great giveaways:  win a print from Studio Mela or win some business-style cards from Avie Designs.  Beryl will be posting other opportunities through July 8th, here’s a quick glimpse at what other goodies are available!  So head on over to her blog to enter (or just go to read and browse, it is an adorable blog!) and win yourself some great Etsy goods!

Familial Promotion:

My uncle is an ER surgeon and has recently rolled out a website for emergency-room related information: when to stay home, when to definitely go, what to expect, and other advice.  The site is in its infancy and my uncle and his collaborator are holding a survey to help get some information on how to tweak and improve the site.  The survey takes all of two minutes to complete and it enters you into a contest for an iPad.  So, gentle readers, if you could take a few minutes to visit and fill out the survey I know that my uncle would really appreciate it.


Makin’ it Rain

I can always count on the NYTimes to be five years behind.

Case in point, just today they discovered the concept of “making it rain.”

If, for whatever reason (ie: you have lived in a hole these past five years), you do not know what making it rain is, you don’t actually have to read the article.  You can just watch this masterpiece:

I guess it was a slow news day.