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28 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Frenchy and the Punk

Four weeks!  Four weeks!  La la la la la la!  Are y’all excited?  I’m SO. EXCITED.  I also need to finish up some of my costumes and also why aren’t my Cosplay.com wigs here yet?  Anticipation!

Anyways, today’s band profile is Frenchy and the Punk.  I am pretty certain that I saw them at the Time Traveler’s Ball during Dragon*Con 2010, when I still sort of liked Steampunk (in case you haven’t heard, I am over Steampunk and I am also pretty sure that Steampunk is over).  I don’t remember much of their music, but I do remember that there was a girl in the crowd with one of those glass Jareth balls, and she was doing some pretty fantastic tricks with it.

Okay, so according to their Dragon*Con profile, Frenchy and the Punk fuse “foot-stompin’ bohemian cabaret, world music, French chanson and `80’s punk, with vaudeville charm, steampunk flair and a pixie spirit the duo’s performances are a high energy theatrical spectacle. They captivate crowds by seamlessly blending raucous, danceable old-world melodies with cheeky stories sung in English and French and exhilarating Taiko meets Blue Man Group drum and percussion instrumentals.”  Okie dokie.  My general issue with “Steampunk” music is that it all sounds like a cheap imitation of Beirut or the Decemberists, both of whom I very much enjoy and both of whom get the whole “other era” music thing down pretty well, in my general opinion.  I didn’t dislike Frenchy and the Punk, I just couldn’t exactly tell you what they sounded like.

Maybe these music videos can help?

Okay so that’s fine, but I still like Beirut and the Decemberists better and also Steampunk is tired, guys.

Talking points:

–Female lead singer

–Steampunky band

–Steampunky clothes

One thumb up, the music is fine but I wouldn’t seek it out.

30 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Fader Vixen


Fader Vixen is another male-female duo from AtlantaHere’s their Dragon*Con profile.  His name is Jeremy Frank and her name is Toniet Gallego (great name).

So from what I can tell they’re sort of electronica shoe-gazey.  She sings, he plays some ambient synthy music, it is very moody but not particularly dancey.  Their website basically seconds my thoughts: “Since forming in 2009, Fader Vixen has truly developed a signature sound that features Toniet’s moving vocals on top of moody drum beats, piano, and layered synths.”

Here are a few songs:

Honestly, this is a bit too slow and ambient for me.  This is more, say, lounge music–I’d drink cocktails to this, but I wouldn’t party to it, so I don’t think I’ll seek them out at Dragon*Con.

Talking points:

-Male and female Atlanta-based band.

-Moody electronica.

No thumbs.  They don’t make much of an impression for me.


31 Days to Dragon*Con: On New Discoveries


Last year, after seeing tons of Dr. Who costumes that we didn’t get, Jon and I decided to watch Dr. Who.  The new seasons, of course.  And it was GREAT guys, Dr. Who was super fun, are you my mummy, etc.  Except, for the first few seasons I was hugely distracted by Rose Tyler‘s bad makeup and dye job–so either that was part of her character, or the makeup department was super low-budget at the time.

Rose Tyler
Rose Tyler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seriously y’all, spider mascara.

ANYWAYS.  We’re not here to talk about makeup, we’re here to talk about shows that Dragon*Con has inspired us to watch.  My obvious one is Dr. Who, of course, and I’ve just started Torchwood. Also, Dragon*Con inspired me to play Portal and Portal 2, which is hilarious, because I never really played videogames.  As you all know, I LOVE PORTAL.  (I really love Portal).  I still really haven’t played any videogames besides Portal, y’all.  Portal is great.

Portal 2
Portal 2 (Photo credit: N0fX)

What about y’all?  What new fandoms has Dragon*Con made you pursue?  Or not pursue, maybe because of obnoxious fans?  Either way, has Dragon*Con opened your horizons?  Let me know in the comments!

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) cradles a dying Doct...
Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) cradles a dying Doctor (David Tennant) after he has been shot by a Dalek extermination ray. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Yes I totally cried at that part, I’m sure y’all did too.)


38 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profiles, DJ Nemesis and DJ Spider


Okay so I’m lumping the DJs together because I’m guessing they’re going to be playing the raves and I AM OLD (old = 27 apparently) and have never managed to make it to a rave at Dragon*Con.  I like to get up and do the day things and also the night things but that means my night ends around 2:00 or 3:00 am so I can get some sleep for the day things and the raves don’t usually start until 3:00 am-ish depending on how late the band performances run.  Someone please tell me I am not alone in this!  Also, if I am wrong about the DJs playing the raves please let me know as well, I’m just working on assumption here.

DJ Nemesis  is an Atlanta boy who moved to Boston.   DJ Nemesis plays industrial electro, electro house, EBM (which stands for Electronic Body Music and I totally don’t know what that is), mash ups, 80s, and other stuff.  He’s super involved at Dragon*Con and also, according to his Dragon*Con profile, is CON-Tourage.com‘s official DJ?  So that’s fun!  Um, I’m not sure what else to say about a DJ, so here are some clips:

DJ Spider is a LADY, which will help y’all tell her apart.  She’s based in Charlotte.  She’s been voted Charlotte’s Best Party DJ for awhile.  I’m going to guess she’s also playing one of Dragon*Con’s late-night raves.  Here’s her Dragon*Con bio–I like the part where she talks about having a Drama Free zone.  I RESPECT THAT DJ SPIDER.  She plays primarily goth/industrial music with some 80s and electro thrown in.  I’m having trouble finding music clips of her because there is a dude DJ Spider who is more hip hop and he seems to be dominating the DJ Spider youtube search which, lame.

So, we have a male DJ and a female DJ, they’ll probably be playing the raves, they might be playing some other things but I don’t think we’ll know until it is closer to Dragon*Con.  If anyone wants to chime in on the raves and what they are like and if they are fun please do–like I said, they’re past my bedtime, and the only report I have to go on is my boyfriend’s.  He went to a rave his first year of Dragon*Con (before I’d met him) after he and his friends had some drinks with a guy whose name he won’t tell me and he says it was basically dark drunky dance times with glow sticks and he refuses to tell me anything else about it so I guess he had a good time?  Regardless, I totally want to go to a rave this year.  Maybe.  Mostly just to check it off the Dragon*Con bucket list.

So, I’m going to give the DJs one thumb up–splitting the difference between no thumbs (because odds are if I couldn’t see who was DJing I couldn’t tell you who was DJing) and two thumbs because I’d totally like to go to a rave buuuuuuuut tired, guys.  Tired.

Seriously, give me some help on this one!