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33 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Erin Hill & Her Psychadelic Harp

What a great name, right?  The description makes Erin Hill sound vaguely like Joanna Newsom, who is the only other contemporary musician of whom I know that is a frequent user of the harp.  I love Joanna Newsom, so this is a good sign.

Erin has a great story; according to her Dragon*Con profile, her “recent Kickstarter project, ‘Erin Hill (the Sci-Fi Harp Girl) makes a Music Video Album,’ ended in the Top 40 of Kickstarter’s Most Successful music projects ever. USA Today premiered the music video for Erin’s song ‘Lookout, Science’ as an exclusive in April 2012 and it was featured on the Kickstarter blog in May 2012.”

This is the video that was a result of that Kickstarter project, and it is 100% delightful:

Wasn’t that so pleasant?  Also that older woman with the red hair is Marni Nixon, who is famous for being the singing voice behind many fabulous movie musical leading ladies, such as Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady and Natalie Hill in West Side Story.  Fun fact!

Also Erin Hill has been in some of my favorite Broadway musicals, including the Sam Mendes Cabaret revival and also Urinetown.  ERIN HILL BE MY BEST FRIEND.  Seriously this woman should be my new best friend–let us be friends, Erin.

Here is some more of her music, which I am 100% loving because, hello, Broadway-veteran, sci-fi loving HARPIST.

Also this is fun!


So, now I have a giant girl crush y’all.

Talking points:


–Kickstarter hero

–Broadway veteran.


The Day Before Halloween

Hi guys!  No Pumpkin Sunday today because Halloween is tomorrow and I need to report about my party last night.  Most of my Halloween activities are finished, I’ll be handing out candy tomorrow but I am done preparing and I hope you are as well!

Last night we had a small group come over and hang out for a bit–it was pretty low-key and laid back, but we had plenty of food and plenty of booze.  Martha’s squash pasta dish was incredible, like a healthy macaroni and cheese but with minimal cheese.  I’ll totally make it again, but with whole wheat pasta in the future to make it even healthier.  Thanks Martha!

The Hipster approves of my party. I guess that makes it awesome.
Delicious Martha Stewart Pasta

Annah brought a red velvet cake that was delicious.  I did get marshmallows to make the little ghosts but I didn’t end up making the ghosts, alas–I got a little too busy setting things up for the party.  These things do happen.

Everyone came in excellent costumes!  Audrey Hepburn, Sexy Bacon, Medusa, Hipster, Cyclops (X-Men, not Greek), cheesy Hallmark employees, it was pretty great.  Yay for having creative friends!

Hipster and Medusa