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Birthday Recap!

My birthday was a pretty low-key affair.  Considering it fell on a Saturday, this is either awesome or just plain lame.  I’ll let you decide.

I got up in the morning, I went to the gym because it was Body Combat and because the instructor promised me she’d play techno BraveheartI went and fed a friend’s cats for her.  I came home and showered.  Jon and I went to lunch, we wanted to go to MinGa, this great Korean place by our house that I’ve been meaning to review here forever.  Unfortunately, MinGa was closed over Spring Break for kitchen renovations.   BUMMER.  We ended up going to Ming Garden, this Chinese place we used to frequent instead.  I had Dan Dan noodles, which are reliably good there:

And then, since it was my birthday, I ordered three scoops of ice cream:

The flavors were ginger (up front), red bean (pink), and mango.  And I ate most of it myself.

Don’t let that second spoon fool you; Jon only had one bite of ice cream.  I did most of this damage on my own.  This is either awesome or just plain lame.

I also had a fortune cookie.

And my fortune was pretty telling:

I guess that makes me three scoops of ice cream, and some lasagna, and some cake.


Happy Birthday to Me, and to All These Other People!

Guys!  It is my birthday!  Isn’t that awesome!  Here are some famous people who also have my birthday:

Sharon Stone as Catherine Tramell, during the ...

Sharon Stone.  Happy Birthday Sharon!  I’ve never seen Basic instinct, sorry about that!

Wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden,...
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Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex.  One of Queen Elizabeth II’s sons who will never get to be King.  Sorry dude, but Happy Birthday!

Jon Hamm
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Jon Hamm.  This is amazing.  I don’t get overly crushy-gushy regarding actors, but Jon Hamm would totally make the panties drop.  PS who else is SUPER excited about the return of Mad Men later this month?  Don Draper it has been far too long.  Happy Birthday Jon Hamm!  Thanks for being amazing!


My Birthday Dinner

So The Amateur Gourmet (who I love) posted the birthday dinner he made for his man, and it is pretty much what I plan on having for my birthday.  I know, this is really intense planning, but something about the recipes and his description made me want it like whoa.

I’ll be having this lasagna, and I’ll be having this cake.

Now I know what y’all are thinking: what can I do for the Dilettantista for her birthday?  Well, that’s SUPER easy!  Y’all should go like my new Facebook page and then you should go follow me on Twitter.   See, look how happy you’ve made me!  Easiest and most inexpensive birthday present EVER!

I’ll do one more birthday post tomorrow, for my birthday proper, and then I’ll stop talking about my damn birthday so much.

Candles spell out the traditional English birt...
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PS: Someone tell the Amateur Gourmet to be my new bestie.  Thanks!

Birthday Month!

Hey guys, guess what?!  It is March, which means it is my birthday month!

You can listen to that song to get in the mood.

My birthday is in 10 days!  I’m excited for many things.  Like cake!

If the cake is a lie I will cut a bitch, seriously.

Also, balloons!

English: Toy balloons Русский: Воздушные шарики
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I really love balloons.  Especially balloons on sticks.

Also, feeling special for a whole day!  My birthday is on a Saturday this year too, that is the best day to have a birthday!

Queen's Official Birthday parade 2007
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That’s how I’m gonna feel on my birthday.  Totally.

Anyways, I’ll be posting about vaguely birthday-themed things leading up to THE DAY.  And also maybe I’ll post about awesome things that happened during my birth year so we can time travel to 1985 and all its glory.

So that’s that.  Happy March everyone!