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Dragon*Con 2012 Recap: Saturday

Guys!  I’m so sorry it is taking me forever to get these recaps done.  Here is what I have done since Dragon*Con:

Bridal shower in Charlotte (the actual wedding is this upcoming weekend).

CENTERFEST and all the insanity at work that it necessitated.

Rosh Hashana (which involved traveling to be with my family…Yom Kippur is this week but I’m not traveling for it).

–A wedding in Boston.

So it has been pretty intense and busy in the life of Lindsay this September, as you can imagine, and it hasn’t left me much time for involved blogging, I apologize!

And these have been my Saturdays since Dragon*Con:

–Bridal shower in Charlotte (so Southern!)


–Wedding in Boston (I’ll post about that sometime soon, likely in October).

Pretty different from a Saturday at Dragon*Con, am I right?

So above are a few shots from the Game of Thrones shoot that occurred right after the Dragon*Con parade.  I marched in the parade last year, but I decided to sit out this year because heat, early, costumes, heat, etc.  Not a decision I regret, although marching in the parade is fun and I suggest everyone do it at least once during their Dragon*Con lifetime, because it is a worthwhile experience.  Still.  Hot.

Anyways, I missed most of the photo shoot, but I got a few shots, and it allowed me to get into my Melisandre costume for the first time:

For the night is dark and full of me!!!  I LOVED this costume and am so thrilled at how well it turned out!  (Here are a few more photos just in case you wanted to see them!)

These photos were taken at the Hilton around lunch time, so afterward Jon and I navigated to the Peachtree Food Court for lunch.  Or, we tried to.  The crowds, y’all!  The crowds!  The crowds at Saturday around noon in the Hilton and Marriott were unlike anything I had ever seen, and I was just miserable, because every time someone bumped into me, the giant neck piece I was wearing would stab into my neck.  I usually have at least one moment at Dragon*Con when the crowds combined with whatever insane costume I am wearing become too much and I sort of go into uber-bitch mode.  So, just assume I wasn’t a happy camper for awhile…I got over it eventually, I promise, but it did involve taking off the necklace at one point.

Anyways, here are some pictures taken from before and after the insanity.

Buttercup and Wesley in the food court.

Legend of Zelda group.

Two Melisandres and a Sansa!  I love that she did the seated horseback Melisandre.

Beauty and the Beast group.

Jayne-style Disney Princesses, so clever!

Aaaaand zombie Disney princesses!


29 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Freezepop

Freezepop is a Boston-based band who will be playing Dragon*Con on Saturday night (Sunday morning) at 1:30am in the Marriott Atrium Ballroom.  Here’s their Dragon*Con profile.

Freezepop does electropop.  I’m just going to drop in their first paragraph from their Dragon*Con profile, because it explains things better than I can:  “Freezepop has always been something of an oxymoron: embraced by both cool kids and nerds; serious about irony; and retro-futuristic. A synth band in a guitar videogame, singing pop songs about rock. And now their good and evil sides are on full view in a custom-built video player, a collaboration between the band members (who know a thing or two about making cool web stuff) and video director Michael Gill (whose other credits include Amanda Palmer and the Dropkick Murphys).”  The band also describes itself as “”sweet and cold and fruity and plastic-y”.  Sort of like an actual freezepop, get it?

(Is the video game mentioned above happening at Dragon*Con?  I have no idea).

In other news, this band is ADORABLE.  Two adorable dudes, two adorable ladies, wearing adorable clothes and not feeling any need to resort to gothy eye makeup or tattoos or black hair dye or weird piercings or kilts or dulcimers.  I RESPECT THIS GUYS,  this is a refreshing change of pace from the other bands I have profiled so far.  Although they do have a very chic, edgy look about them:

Oh God, guys, look at that keytar.  They sort of have an 80s New Wave look about them, don’t they?

So, how about we listen to some music?

KEYTARS GUYS.  THAT MUSIC VIDEO HAD KEYTARS.  Everything is better with keytars.

SO 80S.  Wasn’t that amazing?  I thought that was amazing.  MORE MUSIC PLEASE.

Shopping about 18 hours a day sounds about right.  I think I might be falling in love with Freezepop y’all.

Yesss I will so White People dance to the music guys.  Freezepop is a total winner.

Talking points:

-Boston-based electropop band with two guys and two girls

–New wave aesthetic, vaguely 80s sound


TWO THUMBS WAAAAAAAY UP GUYS.  LET US ALL GO TO THE FREEZEPOP PARTY.  1:30am on Saturday (Sunday morning) in the Marriott Atrium.  Let us see if I can stay up that late!

38 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profiles, DJ Nemesis and DJ Spider


Okay so I’m lumping the DJs together because I’m guessing they’re going to be playing the raves and I AM OLD (old = 27 apparently) and have never managed to make it to a rave at Dragon*Con.  I like to get up and do the day things and also the night things but that means my night ends around 2:00 or 3:00 am so I can get some sleep for the day things and the raves don’t usually start until 3:00 am-ish depending on how late the band performances run.  Someone please tell me I am not alone in this!  Also, if I am wrong about the DJs playing the raves please let me know as well, I’m just working on assumption here.

DJ Nemesis  is an Atlanta boy who moved to Boston.   DJ Nemesis plays industrial electro, electro house, EBM (which stands for Electronic Body Music and I totally don’t know what that is), mash ups, 80s, and other stuff.  He’s super involved at Dragon*Con and also, according to his Dragon*Con profile, is CON-Tourage.com‘s official DJ?  So that’s fun!  Um, I’m not sure what else to say about a DJ, so here are some clips:

DJ Spider is a LADY, which will help y’all tell her apart.  She’s based in Charlotte.  She’s been voted Charlotte’s Best Party DJ for awhile.  I’m going to guess she’s also playing one of Dragon*Con’s late-night raves.  Here’s her Dragon*Con bio–I like the part where she talks about having a Drama Free zone.  I RESPECT THAT DJ SPIDER.  She plays primarily goth/industrial music with some 80s and electro thrown in.  I’m having trouble finding music clips of her because there is a dude DJ Spider who is more hip hop and he seems to be dominating the DJ Spider youtube search which, lame.

So, we have a male DJ and a female DJ, they’ll probably be playing the raves, they might be playing some other things but I don’t think we’ll know until it is closer to Dragon*Con.  If anyone wants to chime in on the raves and what they are like and if they are fun please do–like I said, they’re past my bedtime, and the only report I have to go on is my boyfriend’s.  He went to a rave his first year of Dragon*Con (before I’d met him) after he and his friends had some drinks with a guy whose name he won’t tell me and he says it was basically dark drunky dance times with glow sticks and he refuses to tell me anything else about it so I guess he had a good time?  Regardless, I totally want to go to a rave this year.  Maybe.  Mostly just to check it off the Dragon*Con bucket list.

So, I’m going to give the DJs one thumb up–splitting the difference between no thumbs (because odds are if I couldn’t see who was DJing I couldn’t tell you who was DJing) and two thumbs because I’d totally like to go to a rave buuuuuuuut tired, guys.  Tired.

Seriously, give me some help on this one!