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42 Days to Dragon*Con: I TOLD YOU IT WAS A WIIIIIIIG (also, 400th post!)

First: THIS IS MY 400TH POST Y’ALL.  So that’s worth noting!  400 is a lot of posts, yaaaay me.

Now, onto the countdown!

I bought my wigs this week, y’all.

I’m actually pretty lucky with my natural hair–it is crazy that I am saying this, because in middle school I had such an insane Jew-Fro that my classmates made up a song called “Puff the Magic Lindsay” (set to “Puff the Magic Dragon,” of course) and sang it whenever I walked into a classroom.  They also threw chewed-up blow-pops into my really kinky, unmanageable hair.  Classy kids, right?  Anyways, my hair calmed down after puberty and I finally figured out what to do with it.  My hair is pretty thick but it isn’t uncontrollable, and a good flat iron is my best friend.  I like my natural color, it is sort of a warm, dark brown.    I have a good stylist and a good haircut.  However, none of this works with any of my Dragon*Con costumes, so wigs it is.

I haven’t had the best wig luck in the past–they don’t tend to hold up all that well during the Con.  If anyone has any tips for storage and styling, please let me know!

Anyways, here are my wigs.  I decided to give Cosplay.com a try.  We’ll see how it goes.

So that wig is happening in natural red/copper for Melisandre, and in black for Blind Mag (who I am wearing again, duh, it is the bestest and easiest costume).

That’s the rose wig in one of the colors I am getting.

And that wig is happening in a cool pink for my Weighted Companion Cube costume from Portal that I should probably do some work on, but I was out of town last weekend and my best friend from college is coming this weekend, so that’ll have to wait a bit. I’m excited to wear a pink wig–pink isn’t really one of my “favorite” colors, but the Companion Cube color scheme is silver/gray and pink, and a pink wig is definitely more fun than a gray wig.  Might as well give it a whirl, amirite?

How are your costumes coming along?  Do you have any fun wigs ordered?  Do you avoid wigs whenever you can, or are you a drag queen like me, and convinced of the power of BIG HAIR.

43 Days to Dragon*Con: Levar Burton, Part II

In 2010, on 43 Days to Dragon*Con, I wrote this post about Levar Burton.

Last week, io9 posted an article about an interview they did with Levar Burton.  They talked about Star Trek and they talked about Reading Rainbow. but most importantly they talked about Burton’s greatest regret regarding aspects of Geordi La Forge‘s personality that were not explored:

“His sexuality.”

Yes, Burton was pretty bummed that Geordi never really got any.  I don’t blame you, dude!  I mean, even Wesley got some, with that weird shape-shifter lady AND with Ashley freakin’ Judd!  You know your mojo is gone when Wesley Crusher of the Magic Sweater bests you with the ladies.

Geordi La Forge
Don’t take it so hard, Geordi, we all know you’re packing.Geordi La Forge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Speaking of Wesley Crusher, ladies’ man, I assume you have all read Wesley Crusher: Teenager Fuck Machine, right?  No?  You haven’t?!  Well, get on it, bitches.

Wesley Crusher
Wesley Crusher would like to go where no man has gone before. In bed. Wesley Crusher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

46 Days to Dragon*Con: Band Profile, Calabrese

A blog commenter had the FANTASTIC recommendation of profiling some of the musicians and performances which will be happening at Dragon*Con.  This is a great idea, right?  I mean I have no idea who any of the bands are at Dragon*Con (minus, like, the Cruxshadows or Voltaire) and also they change lots, and also what if maybe I’d really like one of those bands but I don’t check them out because there are so many other things to do at Con?  Anyways, over the next 46 days I’ll be blogging about some of the live acts who will be at Dragon*Con.  I’ll do a mini-profile and drop some identifying features and also maybe some music clips.  This is way more interesting than photos of dragons, amirite (sorry guys, I had to get the countdown rolling with something!)

I first need to state that I am in no way, shape, or form a music connoisseur.  I like what I like and try not to focus on the popular trends and I’m not too discerning.  I’ll listen to pretty much anything except for country music, which is terrible, and yes I will listen to opera, which is great.  Also, “Call Me, Maybe” is pretty great too (shut up), so there you go.  So, these are not the opinions of a music critic, just someone who enjoys what she enjoys and is going to pass some pretty quick judgments on some bands based on a bit of internet searching.  Okay?  Okay.

So I’m going to go in order via the Dragon*Con guest page, and the first band on the list is Calabrese.  Calabrese (great name, btw), describes itself as the world’s greatest horror punk band.  The band consists of Jimmy, Davey, and Bobby Calabrese, brothers with an awesome last name.  The Dragon*Con website describes Calabrese as catering those who are not down with popular music nowadays (love it).  They have song titles like “Voices of the Dead” and “Backseat of my Hearse.”  The video for “Voices of the Dead” features some lucha libres.  Check it:

And here is “Backseat of My Hearse”

So the more I listen to this stuff guys, the more I legit like it.  It might not be the most original music, but it is fun, and these gentlemen seem to have a good sense of humor.  Also, leather jackets?! Also, it seems like they could have a good live show.  Also, it seems like my boyfriend would like Calabrese’s music too (plus!)  Also, they have webisodes!

This might not be the funniest of the webisodes but I like it because they go to Italy and they take their dad with them and they all eat gelato and it is sort of adorable.  I don’t like that they say their name with an American accent, and not the appropriate Calabray-seh.  Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

So here are the talking points for Calabrese (pronounced like an American would say it, sigh):

-Composed of three brothers with a penchant for leather jackets.

-Punkish-style band that sings about horror tropes.

-Webisodes with antics.

I’ll also score these bands on the very scientific two thumbs up (I’d totally see them at Dragon*Con!), one thumb up (Maybe I’d see them if my feet hurt and I needed somewhere to relax for a bit but I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them), no thumbs up (which band is this again?) and two thumbs down (ABSOLUTELY NOT).

Let’s give Calabrese a two thumbs up!  I can dig it.

OH ALSO: Their website has an ouija board.  It isn’t currently functional but still, an ouija board!  Rock on.

50 Days to Dragon*Con: Dragons Part I, How to Train Your Dragon

Did y’all see How to Train Your Dragon?  If you didn’t you should see it!  I’m watching it for like the 20th time right now, and the first big flying scene with Hiccup and Toothless just happened, and it is so amazing.  The cinematography and the music and also that whole “What it would be like if I could actually fly” thing?  So good!  If you didn’t want a pet dragon before, you’d totally want one after watching this scene:

I’ve decided to kick off my second iteration of 50 Days to Dragon*Con by talking about some dragons that I have known.  The How to Train Your Dragon dragons are just a recent obsession, one that burrowed into my mind because a) the Toothless dragon is pretty cute and b) the dragons in this movie are basically like giant cats.  And who doesn’t want a giant adorable fire-breathing cat that you can love (and maybe even fly on?  I originally had “who doesn’t want a giant adorable fire-breathing cat that you can ride and love, but that came off a little wrong).  The movie even features little tiny dragons–little tiny pet dragons guys!  How amazing would that be?

Last Dragon*Con I stumbled upon a booth selling these little poseable dragons, and they had a black and red model with a face that looked like Toothless.  So I totally bought it (duh).

Cute right?  Of course now it just sits, coiled up around my nightstand lamp.  Dragon*Con impulse buys, what can you do right?