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Wicked Wacky Wednesdays: My Irrational Fear of The Exorcist

When I was nine (I realize I started to develop all of my unusual tendencies and likes when I was around nine or ten) I started hanging around the part of the library at my school that probably shouldn’t have existed, considering the school ran from grades 2 through 12.  The library had a fairly well-stocked section of books on witchcraft, the Occult, the history of Halloween, and general spooky things that third graders probably shouldn’t read.

This is totally appropriate reading for a nine-year old.

I learned a lot of general factoids about the Salem Witch Trials and the history of witchcraft and random Occult-y facts that year, and I also found a lot of random stone pendants and wore them on long chains, because I was cool and stones had spirit energy and all that.

Near this witchcraft and Occult section of my public school library was an equally odd section on horror and science fiction films.  One of the books was about horror film makeup, and since I was nine I naturally thought that this was cool.  I picked it up and started flipping through it, and read about all these old films like Dracula and Phantom of the Opera and Frankenstein and how they did the monster makeup.

And then I turned to a full-page spread of this: